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Home lighting classification

Wall lamp

Wall lamp and wall lamp. The warmth of the European single head lamp at the bedside, life will be more a bit of warmth and joy of life; the modern minimalist carved hollow wall shelf lamp in the bedroom, study, living room, the show is something beautiful and fresh. Most people are very particular about the selection of indoor wall lamp, although it is used for lighting, but different styles of light, to create an atmosphere will be different, and contains different feelings. The advantages of wall lamp is the reflection of the light through the wall, so that the light is soft, there are multiple effects of projection and halo light, because of the different materials and different residential decorative display style. Regardless of whether the light source is used as a background, emphasis, or indicator, they all have the effect of pulling the line of sight, which tends to make the room look larger. Because this kind of lamps and lanterns decorative effect is far more obvious than the lighting work, so in the choice, we must first look at it is installed on the wall of the beautiful effect and then decide.

Ceiling lamp

General impression of the ceiling, it is just a piece of white flowers of cement, in fact, the ceiling in the home decoration occupies an extremely important position. Design the ceiling of the wonderful and changeable, each of which can create a different decorative effect, in the decoration new homes, give her room to spend some thought that a ceiling forms in order to show relatively good results. For example, with good light, can be romantic, but bright or mix of lights, ceiling lights and a chic decoration can not only bring visual light on the experience, can also bring different artistic effects for decoration. European style chandelier with its unique luxury temperament to make a lot of young and young, to the chandelier for the living room decoration, but also reflects the luxurious atmosphere of the living room chandelier, not only lighting, but also the light to illuminate the soul.

Floor lamp

Floor lamp not only has the lighting function, its decorative role should not be overlooked. More and more designers will be unique ingenuity in lamp design, so that more young people are very fond of using their own space and decorate the lamp light. In different functional space, put different styles of floor lamp, thereby enhancing the space style. Just in lighting, floor lamps are often used for local lighting, not comprehensive, while emphasizing the convenience of moving, the corner of the atmosphere to create a very practical. If the floor lamp lighting mode directly down, suitable for reading and other activities need to focus on the spirit, if indirect lighting, you can adjust the overall light changes.

Table lamp

And the same as the floor lamp, table lamp, as well as the rich lighting, the atmosphere is warm, itself is a good soft decoration. As an auxiliary lighting function in reading and watching tv. Is relative to the floor lamp, desk lamp, small portable, mobile updates, flexibility, and the lamp itself is a piece of art, can give people the enjoyment of beauty, light through the lampshade can be a beautiful line of motion on the wall.

Tips: in addition to the above four categories of decorative lights, often used to dress up the home space, it is generally used to illuminate the wall, the ground part of the space, common in decorative painting, background, partition, etc.. Although the use of light, but can be based on personal habits, such as the family has the elderly, children, can be in the porch, living room and other places to set the appropriate lights.

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