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Wedding lights

The wedding is used - follow spot 
The so-called "chase", it is chasing the bride away. When full of light and dark down, follow spot on the bride, and in the range of 1 to 2 meters around the bride form a bright area, the purpose is to highlight the bride. To note is that if only use a, can form the so-called "face" of Yin and Yang, is a side face is bright, the other side is dark, very affect visual result. Conditional word must use two, both sides have light, won't appear "face" of Yin and Yang. The scene of the follow spot is best able to suspension or 2-3 meters off the ground, like a person's vision, stand under far, and there is no shade, present the effect. 
The wedding is used - moving head light 
Spot moving head light suspended in the air, on the walls and ceiling with all sorts of design, manufacturing to stage a dynamic effect, can use the amount of the console programmed, setting different ways of swing, with the different methods of swing, can foil cheerful and romantic atmosphere. Moving head light hanging up, so that no shade. 
Wash is best can cooperate dyeing lamp, the so-called dyeing lamp can put the stage or shaman to render different colors with different objects, such as, rendering the overall color. 
The wedding is used - light 
PAR lamp light is downy, do not change color, used as a stage in front of the light. Whether it's normal hall lighting, or dark when using follow spot, PAR lamp light can be stage overall brightness contrast more downy. 
The wedding - bubble machine use 
As the name implies, blowing bubbles, build romantic atmosphere. Because the bubbles on the surface of colored light is reflected, coupled with the lamplight formative colour rendering that day will be very good. 
The wedding is used - smoke machine 
Smoke machine is used in the manufacture of smoke, can let walked out of the haze of the bride just like a fairy. 
The ceremony is used - laser 
Stage laser is a kind of can with the music rhythm automatically the lamps and lanterns of all kinds of laser beam, laser logo, laser, laser effect can take care of more room, price is on the high side. Relatively, wedding with laser is much smaller, because just using hall. 
The wedding - discharge lamp use 
(land) is playing in the background will be a little more color lamp, wedding often use, mainly to have the color effect. 

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