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Introduces the TRUSS frame

Truss (truss) : iron truss structures, a framework for the general, general said truss frame is aluminum alloy frame, at present stage or space framework, generally made of aluminum alloy, alloy composition determines the stiffness and bearing capacity, visible shapes such as square, triangle, circular shape. In stage performance, it has a very important position and role. Truss framework specification is introduced (common) 
1. The medium stage light frame: 300 mm * 300 mm / 350 mm * 350 mm / 400 mm * 400 mm / 450 mm * 450 mm 
2, large stage lighting 
Frame: 500 mm * 600 mm / 520 mm * 760 mm / 600 m span truss allows 300 x 300 x 760 mm maximum span 14 meters 300 x 400 built for 16 meters 400 x 400 for 24 meters, the maximum span of 30 meters to 600 x 760 x truss manufacturer of high quality products as a benchmark of 500 x 600 maximum span truss classification of 18 m span, the biggest span two screw bolt aluminum alloy frame, aluminum alloy frame of the frame is what? Display, stage background, two stage drama/light aircraft (install lighting equipment, complete product) three outdoor rain awning frame (no column span) 4, all of the other special-shaped frame collapse phase (light) truss truss frequent building collapse in the country, chongqing perfect summarized a variety of reasons: 

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