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Truss frame design and processing

Truss frame processing should be in the production process, the application of the most simple completion processing, reduce the processing methods, is helpful for operation, easy to realize mechanization and automation production, in order to improve the productivity of Truss. 
Truss frame design and product must meet the technical performance, and can be easy assembly and maintenance. In addition, the design of the truss frame must be beneficial to improve the utilization rate of metal materials, reduce material varieties and specifications, as much as possible to reduce the consumption of materials. In the case of using cheap materials, as far as possible make the truss rack production without waste, reduce the waste of blanking. 
The design of the Truss frame, should be conducive to use of existing equipment, process equipment and technological process for machining, is helpful to prolong service life. In guarantee under the condition of normal use, as far as possible make the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness evaluation requirements is low, is advantageous to the truss rack swaps, reduce waste, ensure product quality stability. 

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