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The classification of the TRUSS frame

The classification of the TRUSS frame TRUSS frame 
Structure classification 
Triangle truss, under uniformly distributed along the span of the node load, on the lower chord axial force at the endpoints of the biggest, to gradually reduce across; The axial force of CHS, on the other hand. Because triangle truss chord internal force difference is bigger, material consumption is not reasonable, more used in WaWu roof truss below.  
Trapezoid truss, compared with the triangle truss bar stress situation has improved, and used in roof can more easily meet the technological requirements in some industrial buildings. If the trapezoid parallel to the upper and lower chord of the truss is parallel chord truss, bar stress distribution is trapezoidal slightly less, but greatly reduced diagonal type, more used in Bridges and piers.  
Polygon truss, also calls the mansard truss. Top chord node on the quadratic parabola, such as arched top chord can reduce internode load generated by bending moment, but manufacturing is more complicated. Under uniformly distributed load, truss and beam bending moment graph similar appearance, and so on bottom chord axial force distribution even, diagonal axial force is small, the materials the most provinces, a truss form is commonly used in engineering.  
Vierendeel truss, the basic access the shape of the polygon truss, the string between nodes for the straight line, without the oblique abdominal rod, connected with only vertical web member and the lower chord. Axial force distribution of bar truss and polygon are similar, but under asymmetry load rod end bending moment value change is bigger. Advantage is that the node is the intersection of bar is less, construction convenient manufacturing. Product categories 
1, fixed truss: one of the most solid in the truss, repeatable utilization is high, the only downside is that transportation cost is higher. Two kinds of products are divided into square tube and round tube.  
2, folding truss: the biggest advantage is the transportation cost is low, reusable slightly. Two kinds of products are divided into square tube and round tube.  
3, butterflies, truss: truss in one of the most artistic, strange shape, beautiful.  
Section 4, the ball section truss: also called the ball rack, elegant, good robustness, is also the highest cost in the truss. 

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