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The lighting on the stage of processing

A, toastmasters stage lighting contrast, lighting requirements unique stage of toastmasters, characters and the audience visual light regulation, and atmosphere of rendering stage lighting is stage characters and the audience visual impact. These two points, respectively, for the light of lamplight, range, position, etc. 
1, the platform near the light intensity of illumination is bright, but be careful not to make the speaker feel light anti. 
2, the audience hall lights keep general brightness. 
Part 3, open the top light lamp and ceiling lamp. 
4, when you need to use the spotlight to projection, in order to make the audience to see the screen, the audience's dim the lights to turn off the lights, the speaker is another with spotlights. 
Second, there are many types of all kinds of ritual ceremony, are prizes, celebrate, congratulations, wedding, etc. No matter what kind of ceremony has a host and the main people sitting on the stage, if there is any program performance and show host. Of the characters is the key of the lighting project, stage lighting processing is as follows: 
1, open all the top light lamp and ceiling lamp, and at the top of the surface light before. 
2, near stage lights to light, make the audience to see the stage face and expression. 
4, ceremony when you need to use the lighting effects, according to the requirements of the organizers, as ritual procedures or operating lamps and lanterns that move light. 
5, if there is a show in the ceremony, performance or theatrical performances, should think of light separately according to the scene. Stage lights, according to the circumstances of the performance of apply colours to a drawing gives a visual psychology. 
Third, concerts concerts, music players, according to the arrangement of the band sitting on the stage of lands, open stage light, stage before the part above the lamp, ceiling lamp, the audience lights to dim. Light processing should pay attention to the following points: 
1, the band, must take the audience to see the band members and playing Musical Instruments. 
2, the band members can see the score. 
3, a chorus of all choir members face to see clearly the audience. 
4, commander command, must see clearly the audience command gestures. 
5, have a solo, near the soloist need bright, but cast light should pay attention to not distracting. 
On 6 seats, the audience to keep certain brightness, can make the audience to see the programme. 
Four, there are many types of drama theater, generally can be divided into traditional music-drama and modern dramas, traditional music-drama has ancient costume fashion, modern Chinese realism and psychological performance, play various kinds of different styles. On light processing, according to the different play style and different treatment methods, theatrical performances in big also to carry on the design, even small theatrical performances also want to understand the plot and intentions. Tell commonly classical audiences.masks suit and white or pale light, not much attention to environment and scene description, as well as the psychological and emotional expression, so pay attention to the light distribution and match colors, strive to truly show artistic conception. Some modern plays are often demanded "fantasy, dream, or in the abstract freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese performance work content. In addition to deepen understanding, to these work must pay attention to the innovation on light processing, and installation personnel with stage up to rehearse, in order to reach the expected effect. 
Five, the lights of the opera, theater with basically the same, is only part of music to a good understanding, opera music work, content and style of the music if you don't know, it's hard to light processing. Familiar with the opera music, before in best performance when the light changes according to the prompt of the music, show, of course, these must cooperate with the band in the rehearsal for exercise. 
Six, folk songs and dances, folk song and dance show, give priority to with song, add another dance, lamplight processing mainly focuses on the singer's lands, and lands of the dancer's general singer to play in front of the platform or left standing in the middle, the dancer more than standing in the middle of the stage, these lands light processing, must make the audience can clearly see that the movement and the expression of performers. Folk song and dance scene basically USES the white light, for dance according to the intention of the director, using a variety of color, rich and colorful lighting effects in order to achieve. Transitions dance scene how to make use of light, to discuss and practice should be carried out before the show. 
Seven, the ethnic song and dance dance has a strong national colors, not only the performance content and form, on the dress and adornment also has distinctive national features. These features by the light, can be fully displayed. Are generally light processing according to the content and intention of the director, because national costumes colorful bright magnificent, basically use white light, the lamps and lanterns hanging lamp mainly used and the spotlight in the spotlight, and floor lamp, stage effects and etc. The most important thing is to make the audience to see the performers posture movements and facial expressions, and decoration of the clothing, as well as the scenery was beautiful and colorful. If it wants to avoid on light processing primary color, also can use light color filter, no matter how to deal with must be to rehearse for repeated. 
Eight, the western dance, western music and dance forms, in addition to the large orchestra, chorus, singing, and chamber music playing, played the guitar, piano, etc. Now show up singing and dancing show is rock and roll music, pop songs, and so on. The singer with strong passion and freedom of action song and dance, dance to swing more action, with modern Musical Instruments. On light processing according to the requirement of the program and performers, generally use more rich colours. For the dance show to pay attention to the melody of the composition of dance and dance, and the color of clothing, because such programs must rely on lighting effects to succeed. 
Nine, quyi pingtan, crosstalk, allegro quyi program, basic use white light, light processing according to the requirement of the vocal variety and performers. More commonly use hanging lamp, walking to the performers on the stage can also be used follow spot, the audience can see the actor's movements and expressions. 
Ten, poetry reading poetry reciter stand in front, with passionate read poetry or ancient phonology. Recite poems had better use white light, also can use light color. Recite poetry had better familiar with the content and the artistic conception of poetry, use colours to describe scenarios, according to the requirements of performance can also use effect or slides. Some reading program in the reciter behind and dance, dance performance content and the artistic conception of the poem, the dancer lamplight processing according to dance show, in the process of poetry readings, intent on light and shade change according to the performance. Reading programs use more hanging lamp, follow spot light, etc. In order to obtain suitable poem content of lighting effects. 
Number 11, performance of performance, such as musical performance, vocal performance, comedy show, swing dance performances, clothing models, etc., in addition to acrobatics, magic, such as paper cutting, painting, qigong performance. These programs have different features, according to light processing performance form and content. Every program and innovation, to give priority to with performance intention before a show to deepen understanding of the content and repeatedly practice. 
1, more complex musical performances, music playing and dramatic performances, have special request for the lights. Must first be familiar with the script and the intention of the director, give full play to the role of lamplight, create atmosphere rendering emotions with colorful light distribution. It is best to use special effects or the use of fine spot light and use desk lamp in the spotlight. 
2, singers perform musicals and lamplight processing methods. Singing karaoke singers, for example, will be as the lyrics content and singer show emotions change, different color of light also constantly change, make the mood and more dense atmosphere. 
3, swing dance performance in addition to the use of color, but also take the impulse of light, such as using the pearl light beam or other light projection, the dazzling light. Such as according to the lights of the avant-garde processing method, to use silicon variable light or laser projection, etc. But in the lights on the operation has certain risk. So must carry on the thorough preparation before the show, and want to take safety precautions. 
4, clothing models, main purpose is to watch clothes, so the model to an white dress, it is best to use thin beam of light spotlight. According to performance program in the process of performance and performance requirements, as the model performance mood and atmosphere changing lights, lights in order to achieve the expected effect. 
5, for folk art, crosstalk, pingtan performances, such as the use of white light, general on light processing is simpler. Such programs, had better use less stage lights on the ground, lest affect performance or an accident, the audience of the lamp light or dark, should undertake adjustment according to the content. 
Performing light rarely transformation in practice, such as light and shade, color, light is basically is a kind of style, the compared with the singing of stage lights seems regulatory less, but did not reduce, because it is in the same situation to the whole music fuses, must make the corresponding predictable and sensitive part of the subject. 
Twelve, = sometimes held amateur dramatics or theater, there are many group in the competition, also have different game play, and the judges has certain requirements. Before the match in the competition between groups, to hand over the playscript with stage directions, such as season, time, climate and environment atmosphere, for a simple lighting design. Because it is a game, so need to equal treatment, can't print on the lighting effects, in need with each group to discuss before the performance, in order to get the group agree. Attend the game play different scenarios, the lights have different requirements, but play replacement time is limited, so it's best to fix the background, use the front of the stage stage front lamp, hanging lamp, floor lamp, in order to timely change of color filter. Don't usually use awning lamp, top light, etc., because this kind of lamp in screen were the need for personnel and time. 

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