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In the stage of perfect arrangement

Wedding backdrop layout: first, stage background, the general set of system are gauze curtain decorated home flowers adorn, of course, LED flashing to decorate, also can the be fond of according to the new choice is wedding brand or a new photos, new photos recently popular among them, should also is because of the rise of theme wedding, but we think this photo is very large, if not do hang above can't see the guests, it is better to use big wedding card has effect, so simply chose to compare beautiful wedding card, as for any pictures or to exhibit where guests are easier to see this. As for the color of the background, the hope of powder with white color, extensive use of gauze curtain, make that kind of romantic and dreamy feeling, and this figure standing on the stage because the color is more lively, can take pictures of what effect will be better, not very dark. 
Flower art to decorate the wedding stage: the stage of flower art is also a lot of, such as in front of the stage background, use flowers, in front of the table for champagne tower, cake or a candlestick, and ignition rod, and so on place can use flower arrangement, said with flowers, of course, there are flowers and silk flowers, with flowers of course cost will increase, and we hope to leave more budget and flowers to the guest table, because are made of the guests, I hope they can see the guest table use flowers to decorate the effect of increase their site, and for the same stage because of the guests from far away, rarely go up to look at it, so I think to these places with relatively new silk flower is ok, just like champagne tower which some flowers in front of the table, right in the face of the audience that is decorated with flowers, so that guests see also means that the stage are the flowers, and video down is also very good. 
Wedding stage lighting layout: the stage, is sure to claim to light, is used in stage background, according to produce some effects on gauze curtain, the other half wedding company also provide background LED lights flashing effect, if it is full darker will be better, this set of system has, of course, so I will not refuse to ah. And to the effect of the lamp it is, of course, in order to foil setting, and I think shone on the gauze curtain white and pink will be very good. Stage in front of the other may want to add a few sets of moving head light, moving head light is doing now is very good, not only have a color change, and can make a lot of in the background on the gauze curtain effect, so there is no need to choose chrysanthemum lamp, and choose the computer shook his head, not only can be used on the stage, especially the opening, the newcomer from ceremony pavilion after road led to the stage, if can be used with moving head light is also very good oh, so in front of the stage with a few shakes his head was quite good. 
Other machines to decorate the wedding stage: as for the other machines, may need a bubble machine, cut the cake in the champagne and make some atmosphere, what to want to cigarette machine, dry ice machine, it is a little high, saved the budget to change flowers, another is because there is no need to use in his wedding ceremony to these effects, so I would like to consider from his own style also don't need to. 

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