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The application of wedding lights

Many lovers in the earlier training is very interested in the lights of the speech knowledge, too, now the lights, stage of wedding more and more get the attention of the new, also is an important part of a wedding success or failure, here is a simple lighting knowledge and share with you. 
Before in the configuration of lamps and lanterns, first of all, should know the type of lamps and lanterns and the main function and usage of them. 
1. Spotlight - with spotlights on the stage is to point to in front of the lamp use flat convex condenser is concerned, this kind of lamps and lanterns can adjust the light spot size, the beam more concentrated, next to the diffuse light is small, power is 0.5 W to 5 kw of kinds, has short, medium and long focal length, depending on the range of distance, according to the need to choose. 
2. Rib, or soft light, but call this kind of light spot on television. On stage in order to distinguish the flat convex spotlights loose and soft, so use the diffuse area, sometimes in order to control its diffuse light through the block in front of the mirror with the cover page, its characteristic is light district area is large, don't like the feeling together joy lamp have obvious spot, target range, power is 1 kw, 2 kw, etc. 
3. The back light -- the light in front of the lens, the light completely on behind a larger reflector injection, with the same 2 kw of light bulbs, its brightness is concentrated to bright, so to be strong on the stage light and brightness. Its effect is better than other lamps and lanterns, is characterized by strong light beam, but the dimming should pay attention to its focal point, is unfavorable to focus on the color paper or curtain, such easy to cause burns, and often appear in the center of the dimmer when "dirty", in order to avoid the "dirty", adding a ring baffle in the center of the lamp front-end, the injection of light and not easy to fold. Now a new reflective bowl on coating line the perimeter backward transmission, to reduce the light in front of the temperature, the use effect is very good, the name of cold light super spotlight, the actual structure and back into the light of the lamp is the same. 
4. Imaging light - or molding lamp, ellipsoid spotlights. Can choose according to need the beam Angle has a variety of applications, the main feature is like the slideshow will flare shapes of cutting square, diamond, triangle, or casting required all sorts of design patterns, power is 1 kw, 2 kw and other optional configuration. 
5. Jane lamp, which is also called palmer lamp, or light beam, its structure is within the cylinder under the mirror light bulbs also useful reflective bowl of bromine tungsten bubble, main feature is that penetrate the fixed beam, beam Angle width of the light spot size can adjust. 
6. Day lights, high-power astigmatism lamp, used by the irradiation awning with down, light and balanced, large exposure area. 
7. Discharge lamps, high-power astigmatism lamp, used to place on the stage, the lower part of awning up illuminate, into the row of light of lights, up and down. 
Article 8. Astigmatism, elongated, divided into multiple, generally can be divided into three or four kinds of color, in each case with incandescent light bulb 200 w, require all sorts of color from the following, for large area light curtain or curtain use, also can be used for large area equilibrium spread the use of light, all sorts of color of light can also be used at the same time, bring up different colored light. 
9. The general astigmatism lamp, such as halogen lamp and ordinary floodlight, mainly evenly to illuminate an area, or some Settings. 
The above introduction of lamps and lanterns, is generally used in the basic stage lamps and lanterns, but because of the wedding form should also be different configuration of other types of lamps and lanterns. If there is a song and dance party in addition to the basic of lamps and lanterns of extensive use of tube light, to plate lamp, hose, all kinds of effect of lamps and lanterns, light, and even provide a fog machine, the flashing light, dry ice machine, laser and projection slideshows, and used for cast light after use, reduce light spots, special seamless plastic curtain, not for one by one here. 
Configuration stage lamps and lanterns, in mouth for boundary points are used and within the mouth of two parts 
A and Taiwan are used in faceted light, a slap in the face, box (floor), follow spot over a long distance. 
1. The area light according to the size of the stage, has set up a surface light, two light, even three area light. Surface light configuration should be according to the different distance, different configuration set away from the spotlight, lamp of imaging, the power should be a minimum of 2 kw. The first plane light are near Taiwan mouth, also can add some rib 2 kw lamp, back light. A face tunnel is light and light on the left, middle and right position should add configuration of focal length is suitable for, power for the spotlights lamps and lanterns, can by the spotlight on its own separate control its brightness and color change, etc. 
2. Slap on both side entablature symmetric Settings, according to the size of the stage, each ear, light can be set up one or two, the configuration of lamps and lanterns, give priority to with the spotlight, lamp, rib lamp, can be a small amount of configuration imaging as a slap in the face by the audience hall side walls are very close, the light use rib, the diffuse light often near the walls as very bright, affect some scene atmosphere, so appropriate use fewer is better. Around each a slap in the face of all the Settings follow spot one set for the spotlights personnel any control action. 
3. The foot light commonly used in Taiwan by the orchestra pit edge, set foot bad light, the built-in article four dispersion light lamp, color control, mouth width slightly smaller than its length. 
4. The distance the spotlight chamber, generally in the audience around the back of a hall, configuration in gas discharge lamp, such as xenon lamp, all control by the spotlights personnel operations, such as room cannot be set for the spotlight, after is often at the left and right sides of the floor area is set to follow spot. 5. Box (floor), depending on the theatre can in the box (floor) left, middle and right place, set the lamp configuration spotlight a number, such as the conditions are not permitted, also can not set. 
Two general points off Taiwan, Taiwan mouths mouth side (left and right column light), false table on the mouth piece (a suspension bridge), two, three, four, five, row, row, flow around, left and right side (about hanging cage), light one, two, three, four, five, such as hanging cage size according to the stage, some facilities were less, such as the top light will depth according to the stage, the scenic area to determine the distribution of several appropriate. Left and right side (light hanging basket), also should according to the stage size, even how much investment to consider setting up or not. Some stage and later stage after the awning or requirements for light, this is according to the scale, investment, and the main stage to consider what kind of dramas, such as the possibility is the configuration of lamps and lanterns also shall be planned, of course, in order to form a complete set of use. 
Around 1. False mouth side piece (light) configuration spotlights, rib light, follow spot, a small amount of imaging light, in addition to the special, bilateral symmetry. 
2. The fake units on the mouth piece (a suspension bridge) configuration astigmatism article lights, spotlights, rib lamp, lamp of imaging, and follow spot. 
Article 3. The two top light configuration astigmatism lamp, spotlight, rib lamp, canister light. 
Article 4. The three top light configuration astigmatism lamp, spotlight, rib lamp, back light, tube light. 
Article 5. The four top light configuration astigmatism lamp, spotlight, rib lamp, back light, tube light. 
Article 6. The five top light configuration astigmatism lamp, spotlight, rib lamp, back light, tube light. 
7 days rows configuration day light. 
8. Lamp in line configuration. 
9. Flow configuration flow with lamp, spotlight, rib light, flat light, etc. 
10. Left and right side of the light (light crane cage) configuration spotlights, rib lamp, lamp, back light. Some article field wedding not configured astigmatism lamp, and into a row of astigmatism iodine tungsten lamp use. 
Configure the way of lamps and lanterns, can according to need to change, but the performance of all sorts of lamps and lanterns should be considered. Do the right things make it our advantage, and give full play to its function. To make money, must be. 

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