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Bar slowly shake lighting design for performing arts

In modern urban life, the bar is the choice of urban men and women's nightlife, with 3 to 5 friends play together at the bar, can relieve work mood during the day, relax. Bright lighting to share with you on the various bars and bars. In the country, the bar is import in dance halls, disco, dance hall, the now the most common shaking it slowly forms. Slow roll bar style is not so obvious in China, is closer to the nightclub, or nightclub style, is a night club in Europe and the United States. Now common in China slow rock style, SoHo SoHo 88 European Renaissance style bar. Color, ornate style MUSES. On the stage has a unique style, these are the obvious style of chain operation. As the change of The Times, show less and less, every generation are different, the concept of trend is different also. 
Investment in the bar lights, I think the most important right, should be based on bar owners, shareholders own conditions and investment environment, should not blindly do big. According to the above requirements, the design of the bar lights first is reasonable, in line with the bar owner positioning, conform to the requirements of the local competition. Followed by the application requirements, the lighting effects rich diversity, have visual light spot. Followed by the lighting effects of fusion, bar bar stage lighting effect and design style, decorate a style, LED light conditions combine to produce the perfect scene effect completely. 
Bar lighting equipment choice, I think that stability is the preferred equipment of lamps and lanterns, the second is to consider, is to think about. Stable and effective, of course, is the best. Preferred bar moving head light, or moving head beam light, after years of development, the performance of this kind of lamp is close to a mature and stable, price of economic, practical, the premise is to use high quality accessories. Dyeing lamp use bar, 54 dyeing, 36 star LED lamp is still very useful, more abundant in LED moving head light, has the focus, should be light beam, dyeing effect, now the bee eye effect moving head light, LED the future is expected to a large number of applications to the bar. Laser or more, not too big change, the article designs will help the rich transformation. Bar effect light preferred high brightness, rich style pattern transformation, effect light update development soon, many optional style, has the design effect, and the lattice effect of matrix lamp, etc. The application of lighting control system will become more intelligent, more simple introduction. 
Slow slow rock lights, modern rock also rely mainly on the DJ to play disc drive the atmosphere, sound effect is to control the rhythm, slow rock style, for many years, so far, LED, stage design, lighting effects also play an increasingly important role, so now the lighting effects of slow rock, revolving stage lifting machinery, equipment, LED screen, several big investment more and more. 
Design lighting lamp for performing arts, mainly around the entertainers, mainly concentrated in the stage, is relatively easier than slow rock. Now don't have much change of style, pure acting now has less, only in some areas of north, such as the Beijing eastern and la scala liu laogen stage, some of the central city, changsha, wuhan and other places have several large performing arts, like the south rarely, basic not pure acting acting. 
Light bar, bar decorate design requirement is very high, generally the ambient light should focus on such equipment, so the bar for design and decoration, mainly in dyeing effect, simple LED brightness shoulds not be too high, generally no special control, thus to light control. 
Slow rock bars engineering considerations, the lighting equipment of high quality accessories, is a service for the customer the service, we will give the customer the importance of the maintenance of the equipment, lighting equipment in the bar actual situation basic maintenance is zero, there are a lot of factors, not detailed enough, so after subtracting to uncertain factors, must put quality first. Followed by the rationality of the lighting design, general is the use of CAD software in location map, can do more demanding of video scene simulation. Bar lighting engineering and other engineering projects is very important also, decorate personnel in particular environment, pipes and wires to keep communication clear, often some of the lighting design is very good, actually do not reach the designated position, the effect of light, use the discount. 
Based on the analysis of above, the trend will continue to style bar shaking it slowly, the function of the bar will be more and more like a society, party, party, video conference, etc. With the development of lighting industry, bar lights stage will be more and more rich, stage machinery system in the future will continue to be popular, lighting sound stage is main or bar important supplement of the master, the perfect execution of the final design, make the classic bar. 

Emphasis on bright lighting industries, is the guangzhou city administration of industry and commerce registration, integrated enterprise of r&d, manufacture and sale of stage lighting, undertake engineering, design, installation, commissioning and integration services for customer service and technical consultation. My company is committed to quality products and services, providing customers with one-stop stage lighting service, free of charge to customers design, slowly shaking, execute IT, clear light, CAD, lighting the overall budget, technical guidance, etc. The good faith management, create value for customers, let customer satisfaction is our biggest goal. 

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