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Bar lighting design solutions

Bar refers to alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, wine, cocktails and other places of alcohol consumption. Refers to the entertainment and leisure bar bar, provide a live band or singer and dancer. Talent senior bartender bar and performances. Light bar design is absolutely can't ignore the details. Don't look down at the lights, but to create a space bar style and atmosphere, the ghost is no shadow, people will always be active in light. Light bar, a bar in the record of the details. Bar bar lighting design environment, design to create a good atmosphere, the design of light source and selectivity of a wide range of light bar, but the style is unified coordination indoor environment. 
Bar lighting design of a series of problems 
Light can not exist without the space, it is light to space. Space design at the bar, therefore, lighting design is an important factor, as long as do the lighting design, to show the spatial structure of bar, charm of space to display bar. Today and stage lighting for you look at the bar lighting design problems. 
One, the point of view, in the light bar lighting design can be divided into the following categories: 
1, mixed lighting. Mixed lighting refers to the general lighting and local lighting, on the basis of solving the uniform illumination of the whole space, but also meet the high brightness, color and lighting direction and other requirements. 
2, general lighting. General lighting is the function of illumination, make indoor reaches a certain level of the brightness of the lighting requirements, not involved in creating atmosphere, does not consider the special needs of the local. 
3, local lighting. The role of local lighting, meet local lighting effect and function requirements, in some places only lights lighting, set up by the local lighting environment can increase the administrative levels, build atmosphere of performance, such as wall pole lamp lighting design in the rest area, floor lamp, special lamps and lanterns, etc. 
Second, the view points on surface of the light, bar lighting design can be divided into the following categories: 
1, direct lighting. Direct lighting is more suitable for the flow of large area and more public places, direct lighting directly to the direction of the light. Main effect is to increase dimensional brightness, without color style of direct lighting, can build a complete space style and atmosphere. 
About two and a half, direct lighting. Effect of half direct lighting often give a person a kind of slow, hazy, quiet feeling, is usually a light piece of glass or obstacles, only half or more of the lamp in the appropriate place. 
3, diffuse light. The main characteristics of diffuse lighting is omnidirectional, balance, and gently sprinkled on all sides, give a person with warm, quiet, comfortable feeling. The main method is to use a translucent frosted glass chimney, suitable for bar hall, lounge, etc. 
Four and a half, indirect lighting and indirect lighting. Half indirect lighting in the bar is mainly used for decoration, general function is in the wall or ceiling, wall or ceiling can cause a higher vision. Half the characteristics of the indirect illumination light is 60%, 90% of the indirect lighting refers to the light; Reflection of objects illuminated by indirect after irradiation, and around a small part of the diffusion. 
What are three lights, bar design layout skills? 
(1) basic light bar design. In order to let the audience see the stage, to see the performance. First, a basic lighting for the whole stage. Base color is the whole light stage atmosphere, decided to light tone effect, or enthusiasm, or romantic, melancholy or calm. 
(2) design light bar. Group performance, large areas of basic white light illumination. Bar and lamp design, in order to solve the local lighting, host lighting, so it is better to light up 2 to 3 units, due to different occasions. Team or other ordinary actors, point spot light is available 
(3) the design background light bar. The background of the ballroom will vary with the performers, with each change because of beauty or programs. Ambient light is to put the background content appropriate stand out, make them merge into performance, foil theme, common background lights with awning lights, curtain lights, lamp light beam, etc. 
(4) design basic effect light bar. The utility model is composed of a directional beam lights, has three dimensions, appearance, color variety, 

(5) design special effect light bar. Amount due to its excellent performance and protean effect, is the best special effects lights. However, the price is relatively expensive amount, it is necessary to ensure that basic and consider the basic effect of light. At the same time, because the amount of use, can reduce the effect of some basic lamp. The machinery of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, because its function is unitary, fixed, will feel that they are not good control, so I can get some. In order to make the beverage and food color is clear, so the color of the light source choice is better. 

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