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How to choose the light

Project-light lamp, project-light lamp make specified by the intensity of illumination on the cliff above the lamps and lanterns of the surrounding environment. Say again the spotlight. In general, it can aim at any direction, and is not affected by climate condition of structure. Mainly used for large-scale operations in mining, building outline, stadium, overpass, monuments, parks and flower beds, etc. Therefore, outdoor use large area lighting can be seen as project-light lamp. 
Landscape lamp, landscape lamp itself not only have higher ornamental, also stressed that art lamp of history and culture, landscape and scenic spot's environment harmonious and unified. Landscape art lamp using the light of the different shape, different color and brightness to landscape. For example, the red light lanterns landscape lamp modelling a festive atmosphere for the square, green coconut lamp pool in stand out of the school of tropical amorous feelings. Landscape lamp is suitable for the square, residential area, public green space landscape. Be careful not to too much too miscellaneous, use so as to avoid a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, make the landscape is mixed and disorderly glitz. 
Incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp is also called the tungsten filament lamp, bulb, is to incandescent filament electric heating, electric light source with visible light from a thermal radiation. Produced by the state of current through the filament is heated to incandescence light a light source. Is the earliest electric light, made of heat-resistant glass bubble shell, built-in tungsten filament. Smoke to the air in the blister to avoid oxidation of filament, or inert gas such as argon), reduce tungsten vaporized. Power consumption by filament can only a small number of converted to visible light, so the luminous efficiency is low, generally is 10 ~ 15 watt. But easy fabrication, low cost, fast start circuit is simple, is widely used. 
Led tube light, led downlight don't occupy the interior space, the indoor installation led tube light, because the secret sex of lamps and lanterns, will have the feeling of oppression, using instead produces warm effect. Therefore, domestic outfit can choose to install more tube lamp, reduce the space oppressive feeling. And in the hotel, family, coffee shop, shopping mall LED tube light, to use more. 
LED tube light is a kind of embedded in the ceiling light beam type of lighting lamps and lanterns. LED tube light is directional lighting lamps and lanterns, can only by the light of the opposite, the beam Angle belongs to the condenser, the light is relatively concentrated, comparative and intense light and shade. More prominent as objects, lumens degrees higher, more foil a quiet atmosphere. 
Astral lamp: shadowless lamp is generally composed of single or multiple lamp holder, is fixed on the cantilever, can do vertical loop or mobile, cantilever, usually connected to a fixed joint and can rotate around it. Shadowless lamp USES the disinfection can be set disinfection handle or hoop (bend) for flexible positioning, and has the function of auto brake and stop to manipulate the positioning, on the top of the surgical site and the surrounding, maintain appropriate space. Astral lamp fixture can be placed on fixed point on the ceiling or wall, can also be placed in the orbit of the ceiling. 
Shadowless lamp does not "invisible" actually, it's just the dodge umbra, make the umbra is not obvious. Shadow is light objects. Shadow is different everywhere on the earth. Look carefully DianDengGuang under shadow, also find special dark shadow in the middle, around a little shallow. Special dark shadow in the central part of the umbra, called penumbra around the gray part. These phenomena of rectilinear propagation of light and have close relationship. 
Crystal lamp, crystal lamp can bring room because of its elegant and fashionable breath, and be loved by numerous consumer choose and buy. Although nowadays, more types, more style of lamp act the role ofing has stepped into the market, looking like a crystal lamp to compete the cause. The development of optical fiber and diode technology, makes the crystal lamp more miniature and light, more suitable for the modern style of home decoration. Combined with crystal cutting technology development, crystal lamp becomes more compact, the line that has contemporary feeling extremely and fantastic colors, will become a highlight of contemporary bedroom. 
LED track lamp, LED track lamp can move on the track of its marked characteristics is, you can change the direction of light, it is applicable to the exhibition hall, museum, outdoor, edges and corners of the roof light, the dot effect projection, the museum of art and the office of local lighting, etc., are widely used in shopping mall, bar ambry exhibits at the same time the lights. 
High pressure sodium lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp when using a white gold, has high luminous efficiency, less consumption, long life, strong ability to penetrate the fog and trap, etc. Widely used in road, highway, airport, port, dock, station, plaza, street interchange, industrial and mining enterprises, park, garden lighting, and plant cultivation. High color rendering of high pressure sodium lamp is mainly used in the gymnasium, exhibition hall, amusement parks, department stores and hotels and other places lighting. 

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