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The solution of theatre

Most of the time we will meet bad hotel multi-function hall reflects the role of similar questions, usually we first communicate with acoustic and audition, and then find a place to these questions. Let's case. For detailed in this paper. 
Cause analysis: 
1. Can hear the radio. 
The reasons for this situation is a mixer MIC input signal shielding bad connection, putting the string into the radio signal amplification system, the detection, extension, output, and then heard the broadcast. Although the radio signal is very weak, and radio frequency modulation signal, usually can't be heard the voice of the radio signal amplification system, because of the mixer is the microphone input port, the input sensitivity is higher, such as the input signal shielding bad (shield off ground), and have the effect of the antenna, combined with a series circuit of system equipment, have the effect of the equivalent of detection, heard radio broadcasting is the norm. 
2. System without subwoofer output. 
From the perspective of a system of signal process, usually ultra-low sound signals from the main or marshalling channel signal by the electronic frequency divider points out ultra-low sound signal, then the corresponding power amplifier amplification, sent to the ultra sound box. From the point of the link, the key is to look at all the connecting cables, connectors and related equipment is normal or not. Before system device standard, under the condition of normal, check the subwoofer units, speaker cable, such as the system is very messy, wiring is not standard, you should check the connectors and electronic frequency divider is normal or not. 
3. The mixer clipper before to monitor multiple signals function cannot be achieved. 
In the above picture, mainly to the mixer signal process not familiar with, not the corresponding button or monitor and output knobs at accurate bearing part of the button. 
4. System interference noise is larger. 
For this kind of so-called noise is big, we should pay attention to distinguish, sound communication trouble or electrical noise (the rustling sound of water) trouble. The former type of noise, perhaps is the cause of the poor quality of the audio signal cable, shielding layer disconnect, plug and socket welding rickety desoldering, not strict according to the balance transfer requests cohesion, it is possible that the system grounding bad or not; After the kind of noise, is usually caused by equipment. Due to poor functioning of mixer, power amplifier and the surrounding equipment, the index is not high, often the low signal noise ratio (SNR), will have a larger along with the electricity output noise. 
5. The system can't add effect 
We know that the role of access system has a variety of methods, but the most commonly used is the so-called parallel method. This connection is a mixer of AUX output to the role of the role of the output back to one LINE all the way into the mixer. This connection to function, that is, is after an AUX output all the way to implement, to ensure that all the way to a corresponding AUX input channel knob to open, will also open the corresponding AUX output knob at the same time, the effect of device so as to obtain mixer a signal all the way, at the same time guarantee the accuracy of the role itself a knob and function form, will eventually return to the role of the input channel control right. This must be correct, in three stages: system can take part in the action. 
6. System device configuration is not balanced 
When we are in a system configuration of equipment, the first thing to consider equipment selection. A system of basic principle is the equipment level of basic same, cannot have quite different devices in the same system, or because the barrel theory, advanced equipment can't display excellent function, become the deaf ears. In the hotel multi-function hall system, advanced mixer, power amplifier, speakers, configuration of peripheral devices are lower level, system function, it is no wonder that a poor effect. 
7. How do you use the equalizer 
Equalizer is short for room equalizer, as its name implies is used for balanced hall frequency transmission characteristics. This equipment must be through the audio spectrum analysis instrument to gain adjustment of 31 frequency points one by one, and then obtained conform to relevant technical standards of frequency characteristic curve. While trying to adjust the equalizer with his hands, and obtained conform to relevant technical standards of frequency characteristic curve of the mission of the end this is not possible, unless you are a both listening experience and rich practical experience of experts. For the multi-function hall, through the above analysis, we now understand, originally the subwoofer channel, for add equalizer to change all hall frequency transmission characteristics is meaningless. As long as the main and back to listen to the channel (if any), in order to improve frequency transmission characteristics of halls, improve the quality of amplification. 
8. Power amplifier installed in the cabinet 
Unless there is a sound system, large-scale, general configuration special amplifier, with special power amplifier cabinets, general will always amplifiers and other system equipment is installed in the same cabinet. Installation requirements, power amplifier must be placed in the cabinet put file, and then use the panel screws. Like hotel multi-function hall installation irregularities of the power amplifier. 
9. Speaker placement 
Speaker placement is very flexible, it is a kind of detecting the primary part of individual experience, flexible. Hall, different function, apply various forms requirements is different also, installed in different location. It gives quite a lot of difficult, audio industry personnel is also our most people often feel confused about what to do. Indeed, speaker placement is too important, it not only affect the sound pressure distribution uniformity of halls, application effect and impact system. Can speak common point, that is, is to ensure that in every place of halls all have the same sound loudness and sharpness, don't get much without the volume of the microphone. Those who put more speakers, used in microphone, the microphone on the status of the speaker is necessary to ban. 
The solution: 
Looked at the above analysis, should understand the formation factors of the multi-function hall acoustics system existence question and should take measures. 
First, we to replace all the system connection cables, welding connector according to the balanced connection; 
Second, replacement of peripheral devices, and accurate setting adjustment; 
Third, add put file, reinstall, fixed power amplifier; 
Fourth, add shielding ground, make each outstanding equipment grounding; 
Fifth, adjust the speaker placement, according to the geometry line method, make the speakers have excellent radiation Angle (each position has direct sound coverage), at the same time avoid using not microphone and speakers face to face; 
Sixth, to remove the rest of the equalizer; 
Seventh, see the stand or fall of ultra-low sound box and various connectors, from scratch to adjust ultra-low sound channel; 
Eighth, the use of mixer marshalling 1, 2, add back to listen to the channel, equalizer for equilibrium 
3, 4, 9, using mixer marshalling added for channel, control the use of auxiliary audio can be sensitive. 
In the end, adjust the frequency characteristic of the hall and auxiliary channel delay and feedback inhibition, configure corresponding form etc. 
Usually adopt the above methods, eliminated all doubt exists, the original effect is improved obviously, the hotel was very satisfied. 

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