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Stage lights for a small theater lighting system design

1. Planning standards 
Planning standards in accordance with the basic theatre building planning standards published by the state ministry of construction, ministry of culture to class a theater request in the planning and construction. The selection of equipment to use in 4 ~ 6 years behind, adapt to the development of stage lighting equipment intelligent direction, digital lighting equipment for first place. 
2. The effect of planning 
In classical and modern, elegant and simple, advanced and permanent, elegance combined with brilliant personality orientation. Carry forward the "man without I have, people I have excellent" the spirit of modern science and technology set light, color and figure, the deduction and improve at an organic whole, make the lighting effects can meet all kinds of medium and small professional art song and dance performances and mass cultural activities, more can combine music, drama, acrobatics, and a variety of meeting demand, must make the lighting system to be advanced, reliability, and appropriateness. 
The selection of equipment 
L. choose lamp control equipment 
The planning for an Italian COEF (COEF) MASTERSHOW512 digital operating system as the base, with one HDL to produce 30 all digital dimming. MASTERSHOW512 has 512 channels (DMX signal), can control sixty-four lamp, each lamp can have up to 18 channels, can store 36 programming procedures, can be sixty-four scenarios that have been programmed into four groups for storage, 18 and a select control keys, 16 with four control keys and sixty-four amount of redeployment, 16 professional norms of 100 mm pusher manipulation of the sixteen DMX signal channel, with twelve multifunctional control key image type light fluorspar LCD display 
Control table setting and the main function 
Can control 16 different types of lights, with each lamp can take up to 18 DMX channels, memories in the library all beings COEF signal set of products, scene can change along with the music, can be specially used to connect to PC mouth RS232 direct input the serial number of different programs to set or the latest software, can be directly into the page shows the MIDI interface, can set the password, all amount of synchronous movement, in the process of programming, can be appropriately adjust the function of one or more channels, through number mouth RS232 programming procedure in or revoke computer disks, can be conditioning photometric light and shade, can display the existing memory data, all controlled lights series can be driven shading appear suddenly, audio and video input, MIDI input, output, and processing 
2. The choice of lamps and lanterns 
Basic lighting: 
Basic lighting lamps and lanterns is 12 2000 w long long back to the light, 16 1250 w cloud light, follow spot and four 84-84 wpar64 soft light and spotlight. 
Surface light planning mainly has 14 2000 w high long distance back light, coupled with the audience frontcourt above apply at the mercy of both sides is l follow spot, follow spot to the backcourt positive two track lighting, can deduce outstanding stage art image of the characters and the actors. On both sides of the stage in front of each case of four (a total of eight) dyeing lamp as a slap in the face. Lands on both sides of lamps and lanterns is symmetric spread, crossing project stage, to strengthen stage sets, props and stereo feeling. 
Top light backward outspread, set by the elastic stage, respectively, set up three rows of top light, top light consists of 24 color changing light, that many of the top light is used to make up for the lands at the back of the art. 
At the mercy of fixtures are the inside of the stage is equipped with a column of light all four (8) color in light, to compensate for surface light, a slap in the face of lighting effect. 
Backlight composed of 12 color changing light, the light backward light artists, in order to enhance stereo feeling of the artist, "silhouette, anaglyph" art effect, make the person produces the feeling of a dream. 
Upper stage before the awning derrick placed 12 1250 w lamp lighting as backdrop of cloud, light bends down shot awning, sky scenery lighting. 
Put on the stage board 12 1250 w for cloud lamp light, light up shot awning, also put the air before the stage backdrop six 575 w moving head light, to strengthen the awning lighting art effect. 
Heaven and earth line of light set can satisfactorily reflect of day and night and morning, huang-xiang, change such as clouds, to show the plot the intention of the scene. 
For shooting video, television, AD hoc activities at the mercy of light all four support 250 w color in light, in case of need. 
Art lighting: 
For satisfying all kinds of performance request different artistic effect, with 12 scanning lights, and four computer moving head light. Amount with the international standard DMX512 signal control, channel, design can be positive and negative rotation for X, Y axis scanning, variable temperature 3200-6000 k, 20 kinds of pattern, eight primary prism rotating color, make the light color has 3 d effect, soft light and rainbow effect. Moving head light, with large scan Angle, color is rich, design effect, more independent 
Stroboscopic, automatic focus and the characteristic, the numerous amount in COEF MASTERSHOW512 manipulation of the song to be performed under the inner, music rhythm, singing appeal, play personality do different artistic processing, etc. 
3. Strengthen the result of lighting art equipment 
For reinforcement treatment method of stage lighting effects to satisfied with all kinds of performance, especially with machine 4 sets, 2 sets above the stage, the two side) and two snowflakes. On the stage, slow dance, dancers like walking, lightsome and ethereal, fusion, extremely affectionate in painting. Dance, dancers down slowly tumbling smoke and upper body weak twist dance into a fierce contrast, it is a beautiful scenery line, brilliantly portrayed more celestial resort special effects. 
Design features were 
L. good lighting effects: 
Break traditional stage usually use concentrated in basic lighting, soft light, back light, in addition to the light, day, and the light outside the traditional lamps and lanterns, top light, side light, a slap in the face, backlight, column, etc are dyed lamp with a computer (computer dyeing lamp with traditional lamps and lanterns is one of the top ten). 60 32 color in light color, to overcome the traditional posted in light color, the color paper required number of lamps and lanterns, but a disadvantage of low utilization rate, can discharge with a color change color change color when rolling winding "sasha vujacic" noise, make the stage light color change, color shading rate and the gradient compatible, intelligent dyeing, finished stage goals than broadcast television unit GY145-92 TV studio lighting system planning standards to the field of film and television broadcast a pointer request (illumination 22000 g color temperature 3050 k color rendering, 85), the basis of this squad powerful lighting can satisfied different kinds of robust performance, is the embodiment of the permanent, also for the modern fashionable performance pad under the substantial life. The multifunctional lighting system has three major characteristics. 
Artistic lighting, 
1. Because choose 12 scanning lights and 10 computer moving head light, coupled with intelligent amount charged with a kaleidoscope of control can make the color, design stage, plus 6 smoke machine, 
2. The two snow machine, complete intelligent stage dyeing, lighting equipment, digital function diversification of lamps and lanterns, lighting effects of three-dimensional effect in advance, to classical and modern, advanced and permanent, elegant and brilliant creative planning. 

3. The digitized degree is high, the more advanced lighting system planning concept, regardless of the light control device or digital share is higher, the choice of lamps and lanterns to cater to the modern stage development trend of digital, intelligent, have must be forward-looking 

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