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The banquet hall lighting design

About star hotel banquet hall lighting design 
The banquet hall is giving a dinner occasion, a senior lighting should be palatial, it is by the main body of large dome light or droplight and other canister light, shoot the light or wall lamp. Sex of strong lighting, there are both strong illumination and beautiful light, color rendering is wonderful, but there can be no glare. We should pay attention to the following points when planning hall lighting: 
1. The lighting intensity of your following situations must be adjustable light and can be changed (detailed solution can be worked out by lighting designer) : all the restaurants, bars, conference rooms, banquet hall, hall, multi-function hall, private rooms. 
2. The gas room, switch of daily-use oil tank and dangerous goods warehouse room lamps and lanterns, should choose explosion-proof type of goods. 
3. The hotel's public hall, the hall, lounge, big stair hall, public walkway, guest room floor corridor, outdoor garden, fire stairs and former room, the evacuation passageway and underground walkways unconfined occasions such as lighting control switch, can be in the front desk (front desk or corresponding level service desk) and centralized control or choose BA manipulation. 
About electric, banquet hall, in accordance with the budget power per unit area suggest not less than 200 w/m2. One note: banquet hall lighting system of the building shall give priority to consider to choose the dimming system (specific ABB, related products); Banquet hall front desk (guest check-in, etc.) should be weak current setting wall hung TV interface and high voltage electrical outlet; If it is a large banquet hall, the building should be set movable clapboard space, which requires the banquet hall the socket on the wall should be uniform distribution in each separated area; Banquet hall is likely to require set up temporary stage play, stage with voltage is not included in the transformer capacity, but 2 road 100 a power supply is recommended as a temporary power stage. Banquet hall likely as an important venue for thinking, therefore suggest that at least 50% in the total power consumption of electricity can be provided by the first two power supply (another transformer or generator). (including emergency lighting, audio and multimedia broadcast system, etc.) 
Light and sound like system development to today, each place has already been applied to the top hotels, become indispensable necessary system. Such as: walk into the lobby you can see the LED or LCD prices sign, integrated information query screen (information, on demand system); Channel, the lights in the room, background music automatically open and set the corresponding comfortable form (hotel intelligent control system); Walked into the conference, banquet floor, you can clearly see what each conference room, hall, restaurant in theme activities (video information release system); In the room, as long as the meeting preparation person or host a key press mode button, we would like to meeting venue, lighting lighting, stage or speaker surface light, air conditioning temperature, the curtains open and close, audio equipment, conference equipment, display equipment, computer network equipment and so on all open at the same time, accurate to what we want work status (central control system, and of course can be ordered according to the temporary personalized Settings). Large international multi-function hall, of course, the system function and complexity than than the general intelligence hall, the first large area (mostly between 1000 to 2000 , of course, there are very few in more than 25000 super), can be separated are generally required to use (for stereo, meeting minutes, acoustic field design has more requirements), simultaneous interpretation system (usually to do four to eight languages channels) is also should not only meet the uniform segmentation using again; 
Ambient lighting lighting lighting system (divided into a variety of work mode, such as: large banquet, conference, party, work condition, fair, clean, and so on), professional stage lighting (performances, meetings, performances, news, etc.), activity stage system, large screen display system, remote network meeting, a vote supply air exhaust system, air conditioning, and lighting, audio, conference, display devices such as a systematic process for cooperation to decorate beautiful device (light open and close, video lift, curtain boom lifting equipment), noise image manipulation of the signal transmission system, the signal processing system and so on carries on the programming management control. 

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