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The virtual studio lighting technical requirements

The overall train of thought of lighting 
Requirements of lamps and lanterns: virtual studio lighting system is based on three colors light of the lamp, the lamp luminous uniform, small shadow, produce less heat, color temperature constant and uniform, light cloth host in the face of natural and realistic. This kind of lamp satisfy the basic requirement of the virtual studio to light. 
Area lighting: in virtual studio, in order to enhance program of authenticity, lively, have certain activity area, the host usually as a result, the outlook (host) lighting as news lighting - locating point lighting, and regional lighting must be conducted. 
Three-dimensional lighting: traditional news studio usually USES the principle of three point light can meet the requirements of the television lights, and the virtual studio technology is used in color key to pick blue blue elimination technique processing, therefore, to eliminate the influence of blue to prospect (the host) must have the concept of three-dimensional lighting. 
After the first foreground lighting, lighting: blue box because tricolor lambency lamp light emitting area is large, the outlook (host) after good light cloth, will have a certain light in the blue box. Prospects of illuminance, therefore, conform to the requirements, then fill light blue box properly can meet the requirements of the computer pick blue. Prospects and the key to perfect fusion in electronic background in scientific and reasonable lighting prospects and blue box. 
Illumination requirements: virtual studio illumination are different from the traditional studio, it requires the prospect match the blue box background illumination, the consistency of the pursuit of light. In addition, the diversity of the flexibility of virtual studio columns, electronic background illumination is required to meet the needs of different section and different electronic background. 
Several attention points 
Surface light aspect: the face of the virtual studio light cloth is relatively low, generally try to avoid to produce primary projection from the host. Because the blue box reflected light on the shadow, after processing by computer, the shadow will be blue color key of eliminate circuit to eliminate, thus affecting the future of the output (the host) of the image quality. Virtual studio is not recommended to add the main light source, because if use undeserved, can appear projection environment logic errors, and actual light source and the inconsistency of virtual light source. In addition, the main light source in the blue box on the secondary projection may also affect the computer image processing. 
Backlight aspects: traditional lighting principle is the backlight is stronger than the main light, so as to highlight the host in outline, enhance space stereo feeling. The rational use of virtual studio must pay attention to the backlight. Too strong light, the blue box on the ground is bright white and blue box color consistency, influence the computer pick blue effect; Prospects in the blue box on the ground secondary projection may also affect the computer image processing. Instead of light or the light is too weak, the foreground (host) as on the electronic background, very rigid. Therefore, reasonable use of backlight can well reflect the relationship between human and scenario, thus to strengthen the depth and enhance the three dimensional effect. 
Side light aspects: virtual studio must add side light. Because the color key of the virtual system USES blue eliminate circuit, by the blue box on the edge of the reflected light on the host clothing eliminate circuit to remove blue is blue, the edge of the host. So you must add blue on the edge of the side light to remove the host clothing ingredients. 
Fold the astigmatism: try to avoid the host clothing props of reflected light and transparent to the effect of the refraction of light produced by the blue, blue box on the high window will appear part of the background image synthesis mist image. 
White balance: pay attention to avoid the influence of the reflected light white balance blue box. The white balance adjustment not good, will lead to lower mask signal distortion and foreground object color. 
The application of virtual studio is a new thing, but it will have a wider extension. Lighting staff must be on the basis of the traditional theory of light constantly learning. 

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