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Domestic lighting industry development prospects

The future of stage lighting system is a very exciting prospect. Incandescent lamp, stage lighting system of technical changes since the 1930 s ellipsoid reflector (Leko) the appearance of lamps and lanterns. In the 1960 s, the emergence of SCR dimmers lighting system development produced a fundamental change. The automation of lamps and lanterns as well as the amount of (the) first appeared in the 1970 s is another revolution of stage lighting technology. 
Computer software about stage lighting design will continue to develop, will eventually allow designers in a completely artistic mode of "interaction" to dominate his "vision" technology. Lighting software to provide designers with just now is just design, painting and the assistance of the paperwork. The future of stage lighting design software will be able to use "touch screen" and "voice recognition" function. The stage lighting system is already under way of intelligent control. 
A, reason analysis 
1, the idea behind 
The idea behind involves many aspects. Lamps and lanterns in manufacturers on one side, some people think that science and technology content is low, a see will, don't need to input the power to develop just copy; Others say no market for high-end products, develop into a big, big risk; And the idea of the execution of the standard light, ignore the technical standards and norms; Even low legal concept, shoddy, fake and inferior. From the user side, part of the company leadership think that the lights just can deal with performance, do not need to invest more funds to update equipment or buy high-grade lamps and lanterns; And theater managers reject high maintenance requirements, using complex high performance lamps and lanterns, light-leaking don't care, not only satisfied with the performance is not a problem, will do little to change a lightbulb. And a few light researchers used old lamps and lanterns is unwilling to accept new things and new products. 
2, design strength is weak 
Some manufacturer of lamps and lanterns design personnel the number of less, even no, personnel professional level is low, often temporary in the development of new products, please. Although experts may be real please go to the lamps and lanterns, but they don't understand the stage, don't understand the function of the lamps and lanterns in the stage, are not necessarily designed for stage lamps and lanterns. Other product development and then leave, can't for product improvement and upgrade. 
3, lamps and lanterns of inadequate investment, lack of technical reserves 
In recent years, the domestic some forward-looking manufacturers have begun to have a larger capital investment, developed some new products, but for a such a vast country, China is far from enough. In the economic interests, driven by short-term behavior, willing to invest big and technical reserves are more rare. 
4, low-end market influence 
At present many troupe, theater financially, especially a large number of small and medium-sized company and especially DeXianJi theater. So the price is low, poor performance of the product still has a broad market. Manufacturers are competing for low-end market, the price war is unavoidable. Can save the cost of the product one never save five subsidiaries, thin material, wires and fine a little shorter, a little less, the quality of the product so bit by bit to kill. High-end products such as the high and very few, the output thankless, plus the manufacturer's own ability is not enough, in the low-end market also at ease. 
5, manufacturer enterprise management level is not high 
Most of the domestic lamps factory for small businesses, including a lot of private enterprises. Although there are a few passed ISO9000 international certification, such as manual mill production and family management is still a lot of, the lack of a modern enterprise system construction. 
6, the impact of foreign advanced products 
Into the foreign advanced lamps and lanterns, bring people new technology, new ideas as well as impact on the domestic market. High-end products can be said to be the product unify the whole country at present, many large theatre for nearly two years to build, as long as economic conditions permit, all imported lamps and lanterns. Some domestic manufacturers are unable to compete with foreign brands, only to give up the development of high-end products, which bring certain negative impact on the development of domestic lamps and lanterns. 
Second, the advise 
Facing the current situation, merchants should be what? 
1, update the concept 
Ideas is the most important key point, new to face, direction, renew ideas is all-round, the same as the reason for the gap analysis. 
2, grasp the dynamics of the world development of lamps and lanterns and cutting-edge technology 
In doors open market economy and information technology developed today, it is not difficult to understand the development trends and frontier, the key is to do it, surf the Internet may be the best one of the means, must not again behind closed doors, or will be mercilessly eliminated. Organization, such as conditional can join ESTA would itself into the international industry, already can know as early as possible development trends, and may participate in the standard formulation work, master the technical initiative. 
3, strictly implement relevant standards and products of domestic and international certification 
Standards is mainly safety standards at present stage lamps and lanterns, GB7000.1-1996 general safety requirements and test of the lamps and lanterns and GB7000.15-2000 "the stage lighting, television, movies, and studio (indoor and outdoor) with the safety requirements of lamps and lanterns are the international electrotechnical commission corresponding equal or equivalent standard, implement these standards in line with international standards of product is very good. China's 3 c certification is mandatory for product safety certification, is currently the first 19 categories of 132 kinds of products listed in the compulsory certification although not included stage lamps and lanterns, appropriate for a rainy day but the manufacturer. Safety certification is the trend of The Times, foreign products are certified by UL, CE, TUV, etc, as a domestic to enter the international market of lamps and lanterns, the pass is indispensable. Forward-looking manufacturer of lamps and lanterns can start from the domestic certification, gradually achieve international certification. At present domestic to was not included in the 3 c certification products may apply CQC voluntary certification, China quality certification center (CQC) published the catalog of voluntary certification electrician class includes the stage, television, lamps and lanterns. 
At present, the lamps and lanterns USES no grounding connectors must be two core does not conform to any standard and pass any certification, to take this opportunity we call for lamps factory stop production no earth wire only the lamps and lanterns of single-phase poles with socket (fully available by three core thread form of international standards related to the electrical grounding and 1995 QB/T2135 - the film and television stage lamps and lanterns with single phase three pole plug and socket connector technical conditions "and WH/T17-2003" the stage lights with single phase three pole shape type plug and socket connection, basic parameters, and size), also called for light industry colleagues cherish own life, refused to use the lamps and lanterns of grounding device, calling for more relevant functional departments such as technical supervision departments to stage in the production and sales of lamps and lanterns standard execution shall be supervised, culture system implements the management can also be a corresponding institutions. Nearly ten years to make a lot of stage equipment related industry standards and national standards, some is mandatory, but the basic no one execution situation after being developed, the key lies in the lack of propaganda and supervision, the supervision is more important, to improve the level of stage equipment, including lamps and lanterns, and integration into the world economy in line with international standards, which ignores the situation of standard can no longer continue. 
4, to strengthen industry management and coordination, play the role of industry association (society) 
Under the market economy, the original scientific research system, the ministry of culture teaching department (slurry sampling) and cultural bureaus of provinces and cities, be inflicted upon (and technology), and other government agencies to teach functional shift of Chinese theatrical performances materials association can play a role of the management and coordination, including the establishment of the relevant standards and specifications. As famous ESTA (entertainment services and technology association) and the USITT (American theater technology academy) organization has a great influence in the industry, such as the stage played a significant role in the development of technology and products, famous DMX512 lighting control protocol and the latest this ACN network control protocol for these organizations. 
5, cultivating the domestic market, expand the international market 
Good products, need to have a mature market support. Market needs to cultivate, and good market there will be more and better products. Develop the international market, blend in the spring tide of the world economy, more can improve the grade of the product. 

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