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Stage light color

Lighting design using color to cooperate, create an atmosphere of stage, this is a complex process of artistic creation. The process embodies the designer's artistic accomplishment and technology experience, different content, the form of performance have different lighting design, almost no fixed method and skill. Below we will introduce the stage lighting technology used in stage light color of several kinds of methods and techniques. 
First, the use of the same color 
Same color hue refers to the basic approach, but have difference in the concentration of a set of colored light. In the blue, for example, there are blue, green, blue, light blue, light blue, sky blue, etc.; Orange pink, bright pink rose, pink, shallow pink, etc. Lighting design using the same color to create light atmosphere, mainly using them on the difference of brightness and color feeling is different, constitutes a level of light and shade on the stage. If the cloth on the stage with bright pink color, and entrance side use pink light, consisting of such lighting effects is on the basis of the pink color, has a certain difference between light and shade. 
Moreover, we can use the same colours give prominence to the local area, in the cloth with blue light in the play area, taking on both sides of the Taiwan side light local area, use the light blue local outstanding due to differences in brightness. According to different needs, also can use other "blue", such as light blue light, sky blue color. On the part of lamps and lanterns, can according to the characters of scheduling and the set position, choose backlighting, on both sides of the bridge, entablature top light, etc. The change of the parts, can obtain different light and shadow. 
Second, compare the use of colours 
Contrasting colors just to cool color and warm color light contrast. In use light warm color to with cool color respectively from different directions to the characters, scenery or lands, due to the comparison and contrast colours, relatively strong light effect can be obtained. In addition to foil atmosphere, can also strengthen character or scene of stereo feeling. When using contrast color, to grasp the choice of different parts, such as positive and top light, positive light and top backlight, on both sides of the flow of investment, etc. Used on both sides of the bridge side light spot, with red and green two color symmetrically projection area. According to the need of light and shadow, if you want a strong, and can use the blue light, if you want more implicative, can use a sky blue or light blue color and light. This kind of lighting coloring method, can exchange a variety of colors, such as red and blue, orange and blue, pink and green in contrast color. At the same time, to grasp the front light color, brightness and contrast the change of relationship between colours. If positive light and top backlight use contrast color, stage positive use of sky blue color, backlight use pink. 
Thus, in the cool blue, characters with bright pink light. When using this kind of lighting coloring method, the brightness of the backlight have enough to get backlight color effects. Backlight should be paid attention to when using the awning, the color of the light should be different and the colour of the awning. If use dark bottom curtain, should pay attention to the direction of the light beam and Angle, do not affect the stage of harmony. 
Third, the use of a single color 
Single color refers to the lands use only one color of light, to constitute a performance to the lights of the atmosphere. According to the requirement of the creation, not only can choose cool color, light also can choose warm color light. The biggest characteristic is using a single color light color is bright, won't produce light of dilute or change. In the dispatching of theater and dance performances, sometimes using a single color highlight the need to perform a set of model. For example, in the drama performance, commonly used light blue or light green light in the night or at dawn. 
In the dance performance, the commonly used single light intense light atmosphere foil, yi, and as the mood and rhythm of the dance continues to change, to strengthen the stage atmosphere. When using a single color, generally less emphasis on light and shade, if you want a slight difference between light and shade, can take many measures, such as lighting when one side lamp more than other light less; If the same on both sides of the lamps and lanterns, can add yarn on the other side; Also can use control system pressure slightly dark side of the luminosity. 
Four, the application of the same color 
Means that the similar colours as for either warm or cool color light of the light. Often used in the light of cool color have blue, green and blue, bright blue, bright blue, sky blue, shallow blue, dark green, medium green, light green, brilliant green, purple, shallow violet, etc.; Warm color light has bright red, red, bright rose, deep pink, bright pink, deep orange, orange, orange, mellow gold-amber, shallow happened after, golden, the golden, etc. In the light of blue as the basic color to with cool color, exit in the side of the green light, can constitute a moonlight night. If the brightness of the calls for strengthened positive, positive light can convert into sky blue or shallow blue. If light warm color to the light amber as the basic color, one side entrance use red, can constitute a strong atmosphere. 
Create atmosphere in the use of colours, must grasp the colours of light and shadow relationship with parts of lamps and lanterns and light brightness. With orange color is full of all units, in the middle later stage, to the front part of the projection of golden light, as a result, lands figures golden light light light is very bright. If the two kinds of color, the part of the exchange, the figures of orange color backlighting lighting is dim, only increase the lamps and lanterns, is only the amount of light orange color, can get a bright backlight light and shadow. 

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