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The stage lighting installation considerations

Mainstream entertainment places such as KTV, bars, clubs and other evening decoration design cannot leave the lights, stage lights have entered our lives, for our city added infinite charm. Below is the stage lighting design in the lighting installation should pay attention to some of the items. 
A, anti-static precautions 
(1), the operator must wear the anti-static wrist grounding, anti-static shoes and anti-static clothes. 
(2), if the leds are damaged by static electricity, will show some bad characteristics: increased leakage current, static consequent voltage reduce or increase, under low current test is not bright or shine is not normal. 
(3), all contact with the LED equipment and instruments must be good grounding, special welding soldering iron and tin furnace must be good grounding. 
(4), anti-static wrist must test every day, unqualified must be replaced. 
Second, the pin forming method 
(1), bracket forming must use fixture or are done by professionals. 
(2), bracket forming need to ensure that pins and spacing is consistent with the circuit board. 
(3), must from the colloidal 2 mm to bend bracket, lest cause colloid rupture or damage to the internal structure. 
(4), bracket forming must be finished before welding. 
Three, use current 
(1), high current will cause the LED burned or brightness attenuation. 
(2), because the LED with the rapid increase of the voltage and current slightly characteristics. 
(3), when in use, should add a resistor and LED lamp series, the current limiting effect. 
(4), the LED should work under the same current condition, general advice for LED the current 15-19 ma. 
The four, LED welding conditions 
(1), soldering iron welding: soldering iron (maximum 30 w) tip temperature does not exceed 300 ; Welding time not more than 3 seconds; Welding time not more than 3 seconds; Welding position at least 3 mm to gel. 
(2), welding, welding the highest temperature of 260 ; Dip soldering time not more than 5 seconds; Welding position from colloidal 2 mm at least. 
Five, the brightness of the test and product instructions 
(1), using spectral color separation products, please according to the order of classified using BIN, can't mix different BIN number of LED used in the same products, lest produce color, brightness, the voltage difference. If you want to mix use BIN, adjacent BIN can be put together, but try to avoid. 
(2), testing and use of LED, must provide the same for each LED current is constant current detection, to ensure that test brightness is consistent, it is best not to exceed 20 ma current, it is best to use 15 to 19 ma current. 
Six, LED installation method 
(1), make sure you do not install in the case of pin deformation LED. 
(2), install the LED, build meaning with a guide sleeve positioning. 
(3), pay attention to all kinds of devices are arranged on the perimeter, in case the wrong polarity. Devices with heating elements too close. 
(4), when decided to install in the hole, the calculated pitch on a good face and PCB size and tolerance in order to avoid support from undue pressure. 
(5), before soldering temperature back to normal, to avoid any vibrations or external force to the LED. 
Seven, cleaning 
Must be particularly careful when using chemical cleaning gel, because some of the chemicals on colloid surface has damage and lead to fade as trichloroethylene, acetone, etc. Can use alcohol to wipe, dipping, time does not exceed 3 minutes at room temperature. 

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