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The stage lighting light use of color in the design

So-called light color, the colour of the light, is the most can behave in stage lighting the modelling of emotional factors, it plays the render the emotional appeal and atmosphere, to foil the thought of emotional characters; In terms of space and time; In control performance rhythm plays an important role, at the same time shows on the stage sets, costumes, makeup, props for "secondary color", unity and coordination of the stage picture color. Thus, color is not a simple phenomenon, since the time of ancient Greece, the scientists began the exploration of light and color, for a long time, about the color of vast. 
Emotion, light color of the symbol 
Light color is in all key elements of stage lighting one of the more important, is also one of the most complicated factors. Color can arouse people's aesthetic experience, by the people's memory and produce similar associations. Red, for example, allows people to carry on the pros and cons of lenovo, lenovo to fire and blood, and associated with the sun, weddings, war, etc., feel the warm, warm, happy or terror, pain and death. In the stage lighting design often a symbol of light color or meaning to performance and foil plot, apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere. However, because of cultural differences in group and personal habits and the different mood, lenovo and feel for the color also different, cannot treat as the same. 
The colour of part of the color emotion 
Emotional symbol 
Blood and fire, sunrise, wedding ceremony, war... .. 
Warm, warm, bright, festive, blessing, fear, revolution... 
Harvest, autumn, sunset, sunset... 
Happiness, joy and beauty, temptation, cheerful, and rich... 
Catcher, lemon, light, gold... 
Hope, bright, brilliant, noble, magnificent, harvest... 
Forests, grasslands, castle peak, the spring... 
Youth, peace, hope, life, health, pure and fresh, quiet... 
Ocean, blue sky, the starry sky, the lake, and dark... 
Broad, noble, beautiful, sad, cool, rational, and dark... 
Dreams, violet, lilac... . 
Elegant, noble, fantasy, depression, mysterious, deep... 
Snow, the white clouds, the waves... 
Pure, divine, clear, pure and holy... 
The night, a funeral... 
Evil, horror, mystery, silent, death... 
Comprehensive above you can see color and influence on people's psychological reaction, in stage lighting design, not only can get color with light color effect, still can use the light color or meaning rendering plot, the symbol of interpretation within characters mood changes, foil atmosphere. It is worth noting as pay attention to colorific lamplight design is not only to pass some kind of color to pursue unilateral lighting effects, studies how to make many color mixing is more pleasing to the eye, more can't use them as rules and pattern reluctantly. Stage lighting colour is the colour of the "living", is "talking" color, light color using art creation process is complex, is the perfect embodiment of art accomplishment and technical experience. 
Second, the use of light points 
1, the design to follow the "color is given priority to, it possessed by color" principle. 
"Possessed by the so-called" color is given priority to, its color, is refers to the lighting design in creating each scene should have obvious tendency of color when the lights of the atmosphere, the general layout and its colour effect to do advocate tone, which is formed by the lands in using light, should be concise and bright, outstanding characteristics. On the use of skills to master the art of light effect, in order to make sure get clear advocate tone, to the performance of the more distinct the theme of the story. For example in large WuDaoShi west out of the sunlight (the show won the ministry of culture "mandarin" lighting design) "gu" in this scene: a team in the morning, when the sun rises, and along the ancient silk road on the endless desert walking slowly, from far and near... In the play of light design, I do background with blue awning, play area light give priority to tone with yellow, with yellow light is projected onto the stage, a symbol of the clear blue sky in the morning, the rising sun... As taken from far and near, yellow light gradually strengthen, cast out from different angles, stage gradually become bright, warm, a symbol of the sun rose slowly from the sky is, golden desert subsequently became bright. In camel team approached in full, the yellow light covered the entire stage, stage instantly gorgeous brilliant, let the audience in the visual to produce a shock. Stage at this time, in the blue sky, a vast desert of sunlight, glittering, long camel team with sweet TuoLingSheng carefree. Beautiful picture, profound artistic conception, herald the prospects for the prosperity of the ancient silk road, reveals the western people's happy life yearning and longing for the future, eulogizing the western people of all ethnic groups in positive and optimistic, not afraid of hard work, enterprising spirit created the world famous ancient silk road, carrying forward and spreading the Chinese culture broad and deep, make the eastern and western culture expands, business meeting here... 
2, use light color to emphasize color contrast 
On the lighting design, using the technique of contrast, using the difference in the color of light itself to create an atmosphere of stage, is the main means for colour effect, creating artistic conception. Commonly used method is to contrast, hue contrast, changes in temperature contrast, size, etc. In the ballet west out of the sunlight, "Philippine" in this scene I use red lights on the lighting design, cooperate with the actor's full red clothes, make the stage presents a piece of red color, with yellow light for the foil, make a group of red dress graceful on the stage, like the desert flexible Philippine zhizhi, their dance of the youth is bold and unrestrained, strong visual enjoyment to the audience, but at a deeper level show a desert Philippine strong optimism, take the bull by the horns and the character of the indomitable struggle, showed the labor people's fearless spirit to the creation of history, creating the magnificent psalm of life, through the color contrast is applied, the red light gives "Philippine" new connotation, new life, new energy, the foil better the theme of the script. 
3, use light color to have ups and downs 
Lighting design should be based on the theme and plot script, director, and many other factors, the use of colours do bright dark, cold warm, there are numerous have Jane, with rippling changes to match the foil and the performance of the characters, plot will fully consider the whole tonal use, through the games between the change of tone, the ups and downs for guiding light color changes. In the west out of the sunlight, the mogao grottoes that scene, painters have mouth bite lamp for reproduction, by dim light in the cave of the sculpture, painting hard creation, social dancing in the period of "sculpture", I do bottom light use deep blue, performance of dark caves, flow using a set of deep blue light to flow, the use of a set of pale blue light in high flow, especially emphasizes the upper part of the dance of actors, lower body disappeared completely in the dark caves, show the audience a living statue, make the actor's action figure more stereo feeling. For beautiful, wonderful artical excelling nature of dunhuang mural painting and sculpture, in the lighting design when I first apply blue gray, depression, with local lighting performance fresco creator's hard work, when the creator cult of figure of Buddha, play area gradually dim light, stage and therefore become more dark caves, foil the caves mysterious atmosphere, strengthened the audience to the grotto murals of curiosity and yearning... Along with the growing up can be carefree to, a giant elegant figure of Buddha, shows the deep, broad and profound fo... Meanwhile bundles by each grotto strong yellow beam of snap shot out, a statue statue of Buddha caves lifelike. Rows of yellow light from the depths of the cave, like the Buddha's light covered each grotto, wearing a Buddha Buddha have stereo feeling more. Buddha's light and out of the cave reflect, on the stage. Under the golden Buddha's light shine upon, the entire stage glittering... Such beautiful scene makes audiences alike, in artistic enjoyment as well as the profound knowledge is the working people with their own blood and sweat and wisdom, and create history, created the art, to create the beauty... The ups and downs changes of the visible light color rendering of the performance of the drama theme, plot, played a very important role. 
4, master color picture color harmony and measure of the overall stage 
Lighting art, is attached to the drama of a kind of art form, it is in the service of the content of drama. Light color changes to let a person forget the content of drama, let a person dazzling, also lose light the meaning of existence, so the light can't a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, to be integrated into the plot of the content of performance. At the same time, whether has the light changes in lighting design, stage picture color must be harmonious, so that the performance of artistic image and atmosphere of rendering more infectious. Mr Qi baishi in when it comes to painting emphasizes: lies between like and don't like, too appeared to be vulgar, unlike QiShi. Lighting art also is so, only in this way, will give the audience in the United States, to increase the appeal of drama. In addition, the visual lighting design should consider all round the audience, in order to obtain multiple viewpoints of colour effect. 
5, light different characteristics of the use of color and style 
All lighting design stage and drama as a starting point, in the diversity of the development of modern stage today, according to the script content, style and form of expression, the expression of lamplight should also be diverse, should have some modern, unique, personalized elements, in order to keep up with The Times and the requirements of the audience. 
Second, the function of light color art 
Composition 1, 
The characteristics of light determines the color in the space of freedom, and it is not like painting, in 2 d plane to shape objects with paint colors, making the space on the vision illusion. It can act directly on the object in space, carved objects from different perspectives, performance space, to achieve a variety of color harmony, ensure the integrity and unity of space. 
2, activate the space, show space level and the change of time 
In the stage, no flexible light color change is unthinkable. Is colour activates the performance space. According to the different light color gives a person different feeling, or light or heavy, or far or near, combined with the scene, in a different light color processing awning, vision, taller, the colour, rich administrative levels of the whole stage. In design can draw lessons from recent painting art in the warm, bright, bright, strong contrast, from the cold, dark, fuzzy relationship, weak contrast level performance, flexible to use in the design, let a space with infinite change possible. Such as ballet "dunhuang dream" in the first act, the designer through the combination of scenery and stage props, the character and the light changes and present a vast wild desert in front of an audience, the whole scene is broad and profound, rich administrative levels sense, as the light changes, the night elves, the blue fairy with dancing, carefree and now flying girl in the distance, make the whole scene is full of fantasy, full of mysterious... Embodies the moga lonely, hard on the way in the desert, to carry forward his overcome many, fear no sacrifice and perseverance in the pursuit of art character. 
In daily life, the day of natural light is always changing, the colour of the light is very rich, therefore, in the stage design can use light color liquid at different times, such as bright noon, beautiful sunset, the quiet moonlit, etc. In addition to the change of light and lamps and lanterns of projection place and point of view, for example, sunrise and sunset, the most appropriate use flat cast light, lighting design should begin from the performance requirements, considering from the scene and performing various ideas. Such as ballet "dunhuang dream" in the first act, the hero is now higher than that of mo before dawn in the desert, through the change of light color, by gradually to the bright blue, dark blue to light blue, said from the day began to dawn gradually turn light, then gradually become yellow, orange, sun at noon, at dusk, light color and turned deep blue, finally dark down, the time of day is over. Light color changes to make the audience understand and feel the change process of the time. 
3, display plot character psychology, foil show atmosphere, performed the theme 
Any form of performance, can act on the whole, or a paragraph will be about lighting atmosphere feeling on the requirements of a whole, such as fire festival, bright and brilliant, gray, etc., to achieve this effect, in addition to acting, is to play light color expressive force, foil foil performance, complete the required overall atmosphere, make the performance more perfect. In show psychological characters, the lights can be designed according to the requirement of the character and director, combined with characters of scheduling, use color contrast, the method of strengthening method of brightness or change the light color, to highlight the purpose of the main characters, let the color according to the content of the performance, character, and to create incomparable emotional power. As Russian masters of abstract expressionism kandinsky notes: colour of sensory role after you off it will forget it, don't leave any lasting impression on it. However, "if deep inroads into the sensory effects, causing the deeper feeling, can cause psychological feeling of complete chain reaction, color caused by surface impression will develop feelings." 
In the west out of the sunlight, that scene, "the ancient battlefield" for true reappearance was passionate, solemn and stirring, brutal and bloody the ancient battlefield. I was combined with modern lighting technology, use light color transformation, in conjunction with the music of the capture of real thrilling battle scenes. With horns and Mr In music/sound, breaking a bouquet of bright white beam of light, make a pair of broken fell to show in front of an audience, as fell slowly down, blue beams of light in a different perspective projection, and smoke, show on the stage in the region's ancient battlefield, suddenly, the red light, in the strong musical sound, archer to kill, shield hand difficult encounter them. Under the pale blue light colors reflect, rendering the corpses. Passionate solemn and stirring the ancient battlefield, as the war drum from far and near, I in a different point of view, in two different change light flashing, as if dead in inspire future generations within immortal soul, go forward, outlined the western children heroic unyielding, to defend the frontiers of the motherland and defend the fearless spirit of heroism, due to the light, with the music, makes the plot reached its climax, the atmosphere is infected, impressed the audience deeply. 
To sum up, with the development of stage art, lighting equipment, the development of modern science and technology, in the creation of the lighting design, will continue to find new artistic features and use light color, light color will be singing at the future play a more important role in the process. 

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