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Common lamps and lanterns of problem solution

The length of the lamps and lanterns of life lies in the correct use of lamps and lanterns, as well as the operating environment and our daily maintenance, so it is also very important. Matters that should pay attention to routine maintenance: 
A, clean light bulb. Bulbs usually have the normal working life, as the ageing of the light bulb, brightness will become low, trigger a lit time increases, and be sure to do a good job in rain when outdoor use amount of rain wear special configuration. 
Second, the transportation of protection. Flow performance in the amount of often frequent handling, relative measures are necessary. 
Three, the hoisting of the protection. The amount of air suspension must pay attention to personal and equipment safety, prior to installation, must give installation personnel clear hoisting method of science. 
Four, optical element, the first vacuum or pressure blowing down the surface dirt gently away, with no smell cotton paper or soaked with water cotton cloth to wipe the granular material, by using ethylene propylene glycol cotton cloth or no smell of paper take out smoke and residue, the use of distilled water in the clean, and dry with a soft cotton cloth. 
Five, with coating color, design, and optical lens parts, by coating layer surface is very fragile, it is easy to scratch, so don't use damaging solvent to clean; 
Six, to frequent replacement air filter cotton, so that it is in the best state of ventilation, culture to enhance the heat dissipation of the lamps and lanterns; 
After seven, performance, use the console out the bubble, lamps and lanterns is not cut off the power, let it continue to work for a period of time (let the fans continue to work in lamps and lanterns, in order to reduce the temperature in the body). 

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