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Television lighting and stage lighting five big differences

Stage lighting design of the audience in the theater audience; Lighting design and TV audience in addition to the audience, mostly in front of the TV audience, and even some television show no audience, program recording is only help TV broadcast. This is an important difference. So, as a television lighting designers, in many cases is not only the scene of the audience, give attention to two or morethings more after it is important to consider the broadcast television images. Stage lighting is mainly direct expression in people's eyes; More major television lighting is through television footage showed, for TV lights, camera is one of the main equipment. Drama stage is based on the human eye the frame and the video camera is the frame, this is a kind of view is different. In touch stage, stage performance is human eyes is only your own perspective; And TV program production, is the camera on the observation stage, the camera is multiple cameras, multiple Angle of view. Television pictures were taken by the camera, there is a camera and cameraman to reflection of lights, and then choose modified by director for multiple Angle of view images, through the television signal transmission is presented in front of an audience. 
1 light make up for the television images of the "black area" 
Basic does not exist in the stage lighting "black area" this concept, only need to make the human eye visual images comfortable lighting stage right. But television lighting is not the same, if camera images of a dark area is larger, can be called "black area". The footage if present black area is too big, the whole picture is depressed, vague, director basic will not adopt such a picture. But, sometimes under constraint conditions, and had to use the camera, so the light will be able to show the effect of flexible, if the frame has mural, light can be on the mural polishing or projection design method such as fat; If do not have a mural, lamplight can sweep in the black space on several beams, void of repressed, compensation to break the picture. So, whether it is television lighting planning or television planning stage, it is very important to communicate with director and photographers in advance, the light planners to early know camera Angle and composition. In order to picture perfect, we need to work together. 
2 the use of laser 
Laser has a bright color, high brightness, good directivity, range far, such characteristics as simple control, so popular with some lighting designers. Because compared with laser energy, if direct laser camera or camera lens, can make the sensor CCD or CMOS camera is damaged, to form a big lost, so some television ob vans for the application of laser external party is exclusive. Is not can't use laser TV, but must prevent when applying laser laser direct to the camera, it is a question of lighting designers pay particular attention to. Therefore, lighting designers must understand the camera when applying laser plane reservation please. In stage lighting, if need to use laser, without direct audience eyes, as long as in line with the dramatic situation, the role of good enough, basic can follow one's inclinations. 
Three different to the requirement of lamps and lanterns is exposed 
Exposure to the lamps and lanterns, the stage of some relatively strict requirements, especially that in the picture frame type realistic drama of stage performance, such as "Peking man", "teahouse" and "thunderstorm" these drama drama performance, hidden in the lighting design as far as possible let lamps and lanterns, avoid exposure of lamps and lanterns and disrupt the viewer visual perception. Some vanguard drama, of course, sometimes mean to expose the lamps and lanterns to stage, create a sense of arbitrary, mechanical sense, constitute a part of the drama, this kind of circumstance also is some, cannot confuse STH with STH else. Here, only in terms of realism drama. 
In TV lights, lamps and lanterns of the exposed problems are relatively harsh, some studio lighting equipment directly exposed to the outside, some surface light clearly hangs in the audience of the above, this is hard to imagine in the stage lights, to some extent, this has to do with the structure of the drama theater and television studios and different way to watch. Because television is the final picture by camera trade-offs, cameraman, of course, not deliberately to photograph the lamps and lanterns of exposed, so don't be too consider television lighting designers to the exposed problems of lamps and lanterns. 
The use of 4 beams 
Beam, it is the light of trajectory, usually in a bit of smoke, and constitute a contrarian irradiation cases to appear, can the beam as the lines on the stage. In TV lights, these years, the use of the beam can come to the point where many, especially in some singing and dancing party, often see some big light beam swaying. Beam, as made of light and activity in the space with time line, use appropriate in accord with the situation, is to strengthen the rhythm, foil situation of outstanding function. But excessive using beams of light can sometimes damage. Careful people can find the Spring Festival gala, the CCTV Spring Festival gala) lighting changes over the years, using beam leading from the past, in recent years, there are limits to appear in television beam, it's the result of finely crafted to temper. Beam is on the stage of heavy taste, the CCTV Spring Festival gala of light can change as from big fish big meat to the pure and fresh and more now. 
If say the use of television light beam has the optional sex of must, then, in stage lighting, the use of the light beam must be stable. Accidentally use contrast intense artistic effect can be received, if a beam of light is much, but weakens the demand real expression meaning of the light beam. Due to the amount of the operation of fast, and now the amount of both in the TV light, still in the stage lights, have been widely applied. But the computer lights controllability is strong, very simple beam. If on the stage show, beams of light appeared too, easy to disrupt the viewer's line of sight, the damage situation. So, stage lighting designers, when using the beam must be stable in use. For some accidentally reveal beam, must pay attention to weaken its impact, such as atomization function to eliminate the amount of light. 
5 "hard light" and "soft light" 
In TV lights, especially in the studio lighting, "hard light" and the use of "soft light" (light) and the stage lights are different. Hard light, often referred to as the direct sex is strong, the subject difference is large, light and shade contrast highlights bright, clear shadow margin comparison of light; On the other hand, soft light, often referred to as scattering sex is stronger, is as light and shade is not the same as small, highlights the contrast is soft soft, shadow is light. Drama academy lighting design course is mainly for theater stage lighting, television studio lighting rarely involved. But for TV, different programme types of lighting has its own law, such as used in the news and talk shows small studio lighting is different. These small studio lighting usually require the host and guest's, face and the modelling of the whole person is soft, don't show the shadow of the stiffness and the black area such as picture, so usually use soft light, the lamps and lanterns of diffuse reflection degree compared to big. 
On the drama stage, the soft light and soft light is used in television lights have some difference, chooses usually referred to as "soft light" thread spotlight, namely the output light belongs to soft light (light) series, usually made top light in the middle of the stage. But not the same as in the television lights, if made positive thread spot light, is as the shadow of content is still a little hard, on the edge of the shadow is still solid, such as lighting effects is not suitable for news or talk shows with the requirements of the picture of this kind of show surface lighting usually with tricolor soft light and diffuse light effect more lamps and lanterns, and this kind of thread spotlights can only be used as a character modelling light lamps and lanterns. The lamps and lanterns of same, in different occasions application is different, the opera school graduates when stepped into the light field of television, need to do to different lamps and lanterns in the field of different adjustment. 

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