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Stage lighting control and application

First is, by means of weak current control high voltage to adjust output voltage, the control of light intensity. Because of the brightness of the object surface is by the reflection ability and irradiation on the surface of the joint decision of the intensity of light. Regulation of light intensity under the assumption that under the condition of excluding light color, based on the relative brightness control, can make the scene on the stage to produce the administrative levels, make the space for a certain extension, can also lead to the complanation stage space; Or objects to show true colors or lose what and regenerate the other. In modelling at the same time it also brings to the stage space form strong "style" feeling. Such as high-profile, low-key and intermediate tone of the whole feeling. 
Second, the shadow is produced by light and has a strong expression of another factor. Light and shadow are complementary to each other. The shadow of the inner strength is sometimes subtle and deep, sometimes confused and unable to grasp. Contrast is very strong on the drama stage light or clear incident direction of the main light, can produce strong shadow. Under the deep shadow, you can reflect, as if there is a strong power, take you into drama context. In contrast, under the irradiation of weak scattering light shadow will become elegant, fuzzy, the shadow is hazy and elusive. 
The shadow of the projection can be said to be special. When shadow appears in a certain local position of the object, due to the difference which is formed by the shadow of dark and bright, can make the change the shape of the object itself, which is the modelling of shadow using its power "minus" some parts of the object modelling, produced the change of interest form. And when shadows exist independently in the stage space, the modelling of shadow itself is an indisputable. In an empty stage, actors outside of the space frame stage (i.e., not the audience sight), and the frame only character cast shadows (no matter in the sky, on film, have certain tilt and see the ground), that consists of shadow as the main factors, often also can produce unexpected visual impact. 
When it comes to light color, light color is produced by the different wavelength of light. And objects of color depends on the material surfaces absorb and reflect light. The light on the stage operation from "additive" law, "subtraction" law is different from the drawing data. Stage of all color eventually have to face the audience's eyes, therefore, accept and understanding for the color is different from person to person. In addition, the creator of these factors, will lead to the creation of the difference of color selection, so from the point of view, the color is flapping plastic blurred. 
Colour to be able to show what it is irrefutable fact. For the understanding of color and application, it is personalized. But there are still certain regularity of color itself. With color changes in temperature, lightness, purity and so on characteristics, their strong expressive, can constitute a complex contrast the harmonious relationship between each other. But the existence of colour is always on a certain shape, even cannot describe the fog of the morning, this may be due to the color is always performed by light and matter. Therefore the colors and shapes always complement each other, they can extend the meaning of each other each other, also can change the other side of the mean distortion. Show strong color shape will give us a surge of energy, it maybe it is because the light is involved in the color of the object. 
Modern drama stage, light color and modelling is dialectical unity, according to the need of the special scenario, you can use light color strengthening modelling, also can be a light colour and modelling, foil according to the character's inner feelings. But in general, the use of light color must conform to the overall structure, plot and director bead and continuously improve their accomplishment, and a breakthrough in the understanding of the color and use. 

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