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60 square multi-function hall 10-200000 solution

The definition of the multi-function hall, multi-function hall is the one who has a multipurpose hall, often both meetings (or video conference), reports, academic discussion, training, performance, etc; The place with reasonable layout, add the corresponding equipment and corresponding technical measures are taken, will be able to achieve a variety of functions. Such as using multifunctional building design with the gym, theatre and large hall. As Beijing's capital gymnasium playground, can be used as a technique and ball sports is given priority to, also can be used as a practice or skating sport on the ice. At the same time, many types of public buildings have showed large to small scale, from a single function to multifunction trend. Now many hotels, hotels, conference and exhibition center and grand theatre, library, exhibition center, even the school is equipped with multi-function hall. 
Description of project: now in municipal government multi-function hall, for example, 15 meters wide, multi-function hall stage stage deep 5.4 meters, 6 meters high. Multi-function hall stage lighting design is to follow the meeting as the main function is configured, at the same time balancing the needs of small and medium-sized performance function, to adapt to domestic and international lighting design and lighting application and management of operators. Design focus to consider lighting system fully reserved switch, flexible, comfortable, safe and reliable, providing a variety of forms the stage play The light configuration; In order to satisfy the above function, stage lighting system design configuration required 
1, the system is advanced, practical, the main equipment used for domestic advanced products; 
2, light circuit design, fully consider the back to the way of stage lights, to meet the demand of the flexibility of stage lights; 
3, the expansion of the system has fully, and ensure the running safety; 

4, stage lighting system design fully meets the requirement of modern performance management. 

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