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The stage lighting audio lease which should be paid attention

Hold large activities or concert, without all kinds of stage equipment leasing. Take, lighting sound, with they can enhance the active atmosphere of the scene, also increase the active atmosphere for the whole scene. Because not many activities held everyday, equipment purchase obviously does not conform to the activity cost budget, and lighting sound leasing can save a lot of cost. , are on loan, the equipment, we need to pay attention to what? 
Sound size and adjust is sensitive 
Statue of stage lighting company provide lighting audio rental, variety is more, and not the same sound can produce different quality. Before we choose sound size, both please confirm tone, timbre, again according to the size of the actual stage, such as number of participants confirmed. In addition, it remains to be seen whether sound adjust sensitive, can timely adjust according to need to sound. Want to know, decide the stereo output sound pressure level of the three important factors is the efficiency of the speakers, speakers of power and audio output power of the amplifier. 
The light intensity, brightness and security 
Statue of stage lighting company provide lighting sound leasing, also attaches great importance to the light intensity, brightness, and security. The lights on the space occupying the position of the up and down, it is important to ensure that security. At the same time, if not strong, not enough light lamplight, will affect the whole stage effect. Everyone please be assured that honour company'll manage lighting, give the audience a splendid stage effect. 
Rental fees 
Eventually is lighting audio rental fees, like some with meeting, although the light is not the main equipment, but cannot ignore this part. Knowledge of lighting, audio quality, see value the price. Know the plan the normal activities of the equipment rental cost, also is the key to the success of the party. 

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