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Washington, DC, L2 lounge lighting design

L2 leisure bar is located in Georgetown, Washington, near the city hall and warehouse as a mixed building. This is located in the basement of the space movement of the brick and stone walls and concrete floors and other elements exposed, will continue into the surrounding feeling indoor, indoor collocation materials with smooth surface, including Baal ceiling, a white paint glass panel and the backlight, contrast. The difficulty of lighting design is to make the room dark enough, designers make full use of the LED technology, and finally completed a dark space, accurately grasp the atmosphere of space. The bar at the entrance is a narrow channel, both sides of the walls are used for different materials, a wall covered with a luminescent glass panel using LED color light, the other side of the wall is covered with white paint panels. Luminescent glass panel is light source in this area only, designers cleverly use reflective white paint panels to light, let the glass panel around the coat check area of light emitted by evenly distributed in the aisle, brought the soft color space atmosphere. RGB LED backlit glass panel behind the use of a series of 1W. The LED module is tightly fitted together, and each LED can be controlled separately to create different color combinations and to display images and low resolution animations. In the project, everywhere display projection screen dynamic image effect, which has a Rest Area even image projection on a white Baal ceiling, in order to bring in the projection of the brick wall surface, warm white 3000K LED consists of the band around the projection screen make a striking halo ring, forming a perfect complementary relationship and lighting. In order not to damage the sound of the ceiling, the designer gave up on the top of the spotlight, but in the ceiling of the wall of the week and Baal smallpox in the gap between the installation of the 50W PAR30 halogen track lights. And the use of scattering lens to enhance the texture of the wall. The final effect not only to ensure the level of illumination, but also create a bar should have a dim effect. In addition to the entrance of the cloakroom, two bars in front of the use of a photochromic glass backplane. Set up a number of optional lighting procedures, according to the circumstances to bring different atmosphere. Color light used in the men and women of the toilet, and mark the independent compartments with light-emitting small hollow, 35W MR16 wall lighting device with a lens filter in the internal custom compartment respectively provide backlit blue and pink. Lighting designers boldly with the use of LED light source, light weight of the entire project reached 80%, its good performance and reasonable application of color space for the high-end leisure, creating advanced lighting atmosphere, at the same time, greatly saves the energy consumption, electricity consumption per square meter is only 34.9W, showing great the advantages of LED. Although the projection itself does not belong to a part of the lighting design and lighting, but formed a perfect complementary relationship except entrance coat check area, two in front of the bar also uses color changing luminescent glass ceilings in the back a week and Pakistan for wall cracks in the ceiling lamp mounting rail and, by using the scattering lens to strengthen the wall texture in men and women of the toilet, with a light hollow mark and independent villain bar at the entrance to compartment is a narrow channel, luminescent glass panel is light source in this area only, bring the soft color space atmosphere

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