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London, England, yellow building lighting design appreciation (two)

A dramatic open staircase rising from the atrium. The interior of the steel railing of the stairs is integrated into the 14W T5 linear fluorescent lamps. Elevator hall is through the foot of the transparent floor tiles, borrowed from the downstairs 35W G12 gold halogen track lights, for the construction of a light pleasure. The office floor is a mixture of open office, showroom and workshop. These areas are located in 20 thousand square feet of barrier free huge floor on both sides of the atrium, the layout of their staff to maximize the relationship between each other as the goal. The goal of lighting design is to minimize the impact on the environment and maximize flexibility. To choose a bus system with direct / indirect surface T5 linear fluorescent lamp installation, increase the induction switch through the improved fire detector and a series of equipment installed in all layers of the isometric office ceiling, provides a uniform light environment for office space.

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