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Lighting design for the New York Times Building and the times center in the United States (Part one)

New York Times Building is located in Times Square, New York, Manhattan, with the name of the old headquarters near the newspaper was built in 1904. The ideal lighting level of the new building is defined as: to give it a certain sense of presence, while not turning it into an overly bright lighthouse. Let the light of building lighting designer at the bottom of the broad Eastern and Western facades, gradually fade out to high light and narrow spire, some of the north and south facades with bright light on the bottom, quickly became weak, a custom anti glare mask with narrow spotlights mounted in the jagged turning point of building. The tower is not available for the hidden lamp bracket and turning lamp was installed in the building of the base and the podium, and preloaded with precision optical components, so that they can always illuminate to the high-rise building. Street lighting and building architecture outline lighting and detail. Lighting gives the building a visual symbol that brings excitement and vitality to the facade and the sidewalk. Light group each group will consist of a main facade on the facade of the lower part of the light uplights and two light surrounding the sidewalk under the lamps. In the side of the facade, a separate under the lamps with two high-power uplights, from the tower to the top is illuminated. In the lobby of the building, through the control of the depth of the depth of the first layer of the region, the lighting program to create a series of space to attract attention, emphasizing the effect of transparency, enhance the relevance of indoor and outdoor.

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