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New York new IAC headquarters lighting technology appreciation (three)

The projection device comprises the following components: 3 pieces of DLP chip, 1400 x 1050dpi, 12000lm, equipped with custom 1.2: 1 projector short projection lens, the seven terminal AV frame consists of 30 high-speed video server PC, 10 sets of real-time video processor, multi mode routing, including video and HD synthesis -SDI video and RGBHV lighting elements. Only about 1 0m deep between the projection equipment, the use of the floor above the additional depth of about 2.6m, the use of air pressure to maintain clean environment. Real time video content to 59.94 frames per second edit and show in the TV wall, never repeat. When the projector does not work, will use 189 color lighting fluorescent lamp can be 0.3m programming LED unit and 22 white lighting, make whole wall colourful. This ensures that the exterior walls of the building are still lively and lively, and the service life of the projection equipment can be prolonged. Seamless transition from the fully transparent to the full glaze emperor, the white area of the building after the night will disappear in the mapping of the building lighting.

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