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New New York IAC headquarters lighting design (two)

During the day, the interaction of light and shadow to show the strange shape of the building. After nightfall, the appearance of the building will be a wonderful change, the internal lighting will make the wall becomes transparent. The clear sails disappeared, replaced by a sparkling iceberg. Installed in the hall of the special screen, the effect will be added to the night scene. They will show the company has more than and 50 trademarks, the larger side of the curtain wall is located on the west side of the hall, facing the empty space behind the glass appearance, along the western high speed. The smaller side is located at the entrance to the eighteenth street, after the reception. Things on both sides of the TV wall is the world's largest permanent high resolution TV wall, always show up to 2108 x 1200 DPI, with 16 thick glass curtain projection (West wall 13 block, 3 block east wall), some of which is interactive. When the projector does not work, the lighting designer will use the programmable LED and fluorescent lamp design alternatives to the whole building pouring a layer of color lights. In the eyes of motorists, the world's largest permanent television screen is like a giant display.

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