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Germany Baufritz exhibition hall lighting design appreciation, elk

Baufritz's new display and experience center is located on the south side of a new highway in Erkheim, southern germany. Baufritz specializes in the production of wood in the single family detached home exhibition space, 1700m2 by a series of 1: 1 model, the guests and customers can enjoy here wood as a variety of building materials. This "custom residential" concept is the creation of new pattern of exhibition room and Exhibition Center, subtle and closed buildings standing in a wide area, cleverly layered facade structure leads to the theme, namely dynamic image. The new experience of architecture and space gradually formed in the process of design. The entrance facade is completely transparent, people can in the room overlooking the distant the Alps, while outside people can also wooden structure on the inside glance. The indoor space with 5 different themes of the courtyard and atrium features. The contrast between the building structure and the layout of the natural scenery is another core concept, the formation of a coherent integration of indoor and outdoor space. Wooden elements constitute the structure of the exhibition space, leading guests through the showroom, experience all aspects of the wooden living space. The overall goal of the design is to present the different texture of the wood to the customer, the way is to allow customers to stand in the perspective of space and architecture to experience the wood color, sound, touch and taste. Positive sensory experiences (touch, feel, hearing, and vision) can enhance the awareness of the different qualities of the wood and encourage them to decide which kind of wood they like and are willing to live in. High standards of environmental protection should not only be reflected in the use of building materials, but also to the daily operation. Advanced power systems use the least geothermal energy to generate electricity, building heating and flow through 6 R R 98m long geological detectors to achieve energy acquisition. Construction of a large area of wall and ceiling heating and cooling systems (a total of 560m2), through the indoor temperature regulation of radiation. 3 power 13kW ground source heat pump continuous operation, according to energy requirements alone or at the same time, storage capacity of up to 2000L. In addition, the entire roof is covered with a 1000m2 photoelectric panel, the energy directly into the main grid. Owners and architects have paid great attention to the intelligent use of ecological resources. It is this energy saving awareness created by the optical illusion rather than relying on LED and DMX to produce dynamic effects of the media facade. Closed architecture requires a different elevation. Design of side wall long 60m according to the building adjacent to the high-speed road location, so people drove the high speed one can see it, the grating layer is composed of a plurality of vertical strips arranged in a diamond pattern "outside the wall, thus forming a double facade, the mobile viewer viewpoint will lead to the interference pattern from the geometry of the pattern will change according to the different driving speed. The light from the wood grid is derived from the fluorescent lamp strip buried in the ground between the two layers of the facade, which is darker than the illuminated inner wall. More lighting is not necessary, the structure itself is sufficient to create impressive results. Inside the building, uplights and under the lamps, and collocation backlight use of contrast of a wonderful space, the walls and partitions other unique and interesting. Local profile display, entrance area lighting, floating effect from fluorescent lamp local profile installed on the facade along beneath the display room window lighting wooden window is lit internally mounted, the structure system reflected light enough to illuminate the wooden window side wooden elements exhibition space the guests through the leading exhibition room Japanese garden to back light wood shutters by fluorescent lamp with asymmetric light reflector to achieve contrast is a prerequisite to obtain the effect of the. The inner wall is painted white, direct sunlight to produce fluorescent lamp moire effect building at the bottom of the realization of the construction of the sense of floating a different media facade, facade dynamic effect only appeared in the process of change in viewpoint

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