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China Shenzhen Vanke center lighting design appreciation

Steven Hall (Steven Holl) and partner Li Hu jointly completed in Shenzhen, they are known as floating horizon, lying on the floor of the Vanke center. The building is located on a tropical garden with a horizontal extension of the length of the The Empire State Building. The building looks as if it had been floating on the high seas, and now the water is receding. Such a huge structure consists of 8 supporting columns. The 8 columns, each 50m apart from each other, are made up of cable bridge technology and high strength concrete frame, which is the first application of the structural form, and the load of the suspension cable reaches a record of 3280 tons. The implementation of such a large-scale meandering structure rather than the construction of numerous small floating buildings, is facing the South China Sea in order to determine the low buildings and ground landscape, public space provides maximum green. The glass box on the lush tropical landscape has a panoramic view of 360 degrees, while the space below the horizontal structure forms the main facade. The complex includes apartments, hotels, Vanke headquarters, and the conference center, Spa and parking space is located under the tropical landscape of green space, and with the restaurant, 500 of the theater to form a taxi slope. The interior of the building is also specially designed a public access, the office headquarters and hotels, apartments connected together. The lighting company L'Observatoire is designed to include landscape lighting, facade lighting, and Conference Center, auditorium and office interior lighting. Lighting makes the skyscraper look like floating in the air. Although the site area is quite large, but the main venue lighting facilities are some light emitting glass column, they will support the whole building from the ground 10m. These light beams provide illumination for the landscape, so it is not necessary to install the lamppost in the whole pedestrian area. At night, light emitting light reflected in the water, forming a colorful picture. Conference Center, auditorium and other indoor spaces, specially designed lamps and lanterns are seamlessly integrated with the building structure. Building "floating" on the ground, to provide lighting and building public green indoor combination luminescent glass column for the public

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