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Beijing Chinese intermediate building - artist workshop lighting design appreciation

The project is located in a scenic open space, and the distance across the the Summer Palace, Xiangshan, positioned to provide creative space to art and design professionals, the intention to create a vibrant and creative community in Xishan area. When the architect learned that the need to be in a 100 meter square, the venue is limited to 15m 100 artists set up studio, think of a word get together. On the one hand, all the buildings are arranged through the group planning, each monomer is formed adjacent to each other, the streets and courtyard space; on the other hand, these elements are through the platform and the street polymerization into a complete whole building. On the ground for the combination of Artists Studio, mainly divided into the lower studio (one layer and two layers) and the upper studio (three and four); basement for the garage, equipment room and storage room, etc.. Each studio through the circle of the way to gather up, the bottom of the formation of the face of the masses of the "art circle", the two layer of the street is the artist's own life circle". One or two layers of "circle" through the public space of the Northwest corner. "Circle" is a metaphor for the mutual relationship between the artists and the unique space of the building. The settlement consists of 4 sets of basic modules which have been carefully studied and optimized. With a layer of black paint studio exterior cross embossed plate curtain wall, doors and windows are closed, the formation of heavy entity, as well as the art space "cool" flavor, and suggested that the site of memory. More than two layers of white paint, windows with wood color aluminum blinds sliding door, clean, lightweight, delicate, to create a livable atmosphere. The lighting design tries to show the artistic features of the building community, adopting the technique of stage lighting. Dramatic lighting, full of artistic flavor, as to provide a stage for artists. In the design, the key lighting is used, which is the non-uniform illumination. Workshop at the main entrance of perforated metal plate with double vertical enclosure walls, these holes English project name in the internal reflected light under the design atmosphere beixian. The exterior of the elevator car is illuminated with LED light, and the light changes freely with the elevator. Static image, dynamic image and the 1ogo echoes. Entrance lighting and number placement requirements are set to each studio entrance awning above. In a layer of black cross embossed plate curtain wall spray canopy, direct hollow number, organic glass hollow with the back, inside the set light, the number in the night with lights at every entrance on the ground. Let LED light the whole surface of the glass in section two layer on the white wall and transparent glass canopy root number, become frosted glass on the bright areas appear very industrial design aesthetic and practical. A very narrow angle of light from the four - storey cast in the location of the center of the courtyard, where the artist can be expressed as a large stage, reminiscent of the ancient Greek outdoor theater founder of the courtyard. The application of low altitude lighting in the street, will not interfere with people's sight, and add a quiet atmosphere to the environment. Entrance space night under the artist workshop with an elegant artistic temperament low height of the street lighting to add quiet atmosphere transparent glass canopy root set made of LED irradiation glass, the number of bright show up on a matte surface, it is industrial design aesthetic and practical warm light down the central courtyard like artists a stage performance main entrance double-layer perforated metal plate ARTIST COLONY English letters, internal light transmission, designed to enhance the atmosphere

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