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Guangzhou, China HONDA joy exhibition hall lighting technology appreciation

GAC HONDA joy hall is the first corporate image exhibition hall in Guangzhou, Honda, as the display of the brand and the influence of corporate culture, in order to show the connotation of the product. After the design of the exhibition hall owners hope to become an important part of the customer perception of the brand image. The exhibition hall is about 2000m2, which is divided into the reception hall, the model exhibition hall and the negotiation area, the experience zone, the enterprise culture and the exhibition hall, the exhibition hall, the exhibition hall and the staff area. Designers want to create a rhythm of the space experience, so that customers in the transformation, orderly, coherent streamline organization to complete the visit process. With the guidance of the light and the strength of the changes, the viewer will gradually enter the different space to feel the replacement of the visual focus, the level of space changes and the rhythm of light and shadow. The exhibition hall is located in the city centre, the external environment of advertising is complicated, so the entrance appearance, the designer chose to design a simple, pure, atmospheric, Guangzhou Honda shows innovative and modern spirit, the exhibition highlights from the surrounding environment. The entrance of the billboard from the original 4 pieces of advertising together, long 36m, wide 13m, the projection area of more than and 400 m2, the red logo and the combination of the rhythm of the wave shape, so that the area of up to m2. At night, relying on the light on the installation of the golden halogen light will be the whole billboard uniform light, simple lighting and billboards design style unity, the continuation of the day a complete visual impression. Inside the exhibition hall, the cold mirror and warm wood decoration mix, designers hope to allow people to experience the design of high-tech machinery, but also to experience the warmth of science and technology to bring life. The core of the exhibition is the various models, with the white arc soft membrane to define the territory of each car, the soft film on the ceiling of the installation of ceramic metal halide lamp will focus on lighting. According to the functional layout of light designer exhibition hall is divided into 3 levels: automobile exhibition area is the key area of the exhibition hall lighting, 4200 K ceramic metal halide light source to 12 degree angle adjustable lamp assembly with high color, according to density matrix layout show car curve, and reached close to daylight illumination, in order to attract through the flow of visitors desire; enterprise culture display area is key to lighting area, it shows the car sculpture culture and brand image content by 24 DEG 3000K metal halide lamp, with warm light direct lighting, uniform focusing effect of local, avoid large area of the spot and increase the level of space and leisure areas: the front desk is auxiliary lighting area, it is to provide leisure negotiation and communication region, so should avoid direct lighting strong, take lighting point light projection desktop, the photo Degree of contrast with the focal lighting area forming at least 1: 8. In the hall of the use of high reflective mirror material in large areas, this is not to create a very bright pearl effect, but the use of LED ceramic metal halide lamp, intelligent dimming lighting technology to create a dynamic scene lighting scheme. The floor and ceiling materials have a reflective effect, the designer in the selection of materials to control the material reflection rate, not only increase the aura of space, and will not cause reflective glare. Black Diamond undulating mirror dotted blue ceiling LED entrance white wave shape billboards discussion area piamater ceiling mounted inside the arc ceramic metal halide lamp for automobile parts creation decorative wall mirror and wood decorative wall mix

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