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Vera New York Wang clothing store lighting design

The Vera Wang clothing store in New York, Manhattan, has an area of 2000 square feet (about 185.81m2). The elegant shop is located in a landmark residential building that has become a landscape. 6 months of design and construction period, the project schedule is very challenging. The original intention of the lighting design is to change the characteristics of the original white box. Elegant design to conquer the height from 23 feet (about 7m) to 8.6 inches (about 2 62m) in front of the hall roof, multi-level Loft like dynamic experience and no rear window region experience a strong contrast. Lighting in the front area has created a unique shopping experience, which attracts shoppers to pick up the elegant atrium and then to the rear area. A multi loop track for an automated theater device that is designed to be used for the control and suspension of the ARll1 spotlight from the construction of a ceiling slot. The lighting design enhances the lightness of the interaction between the suspended objects. Fluorescent backlight led to a dramatic step of acrylic steps, translucent acrylic platform makes the stage while playing the role of the screen. Before and after the two hall through the translucent resin embedded in the floor of the fluorescent lamp and LED lamp cleverly connected together. This can be changed from time to time to white color to complement the designer's work and enhance the appeal of this space. A group of hidden, changeable LED lights up the main hall walls. The back and sides of the wall is hidden by a fluorescent lamp slot and rail mounted MR - 16 lighting components, making the space more fantasy. Each of the 3 sets of stacked translucent shelves hung down from the ceiling and slid along 5 embedded ceiling tracks to form multiple levels. The air blower is also installed in the track. In view of the existing structure, the location and track of the MR 16 light assembly has been carefully debugged. The fitting room is designed to be a translucent flowing and glowing emotional box that allows people to feel the sunlight, rather than a dull sense of confinement. The fitting room is full of hidden light, but no visible light. Embedded fluorescent lamp, indirect lighting version of the LED floodlight, ceiling and mirror integrated form a soft, light environment more beautiful than reality, makes customers feel as if they are bathed in sunlight. Carefully control the light so as to illuminate the goods only, and avoid excessive light exposure to translucent display shelves and walls. The combination of the material and the light creates a wonderful sense of hierarchy that makes the space seem even more fantastic. Vera Wang clothing store located in a landmark in the residential building connected front office and behind the elegant hall light stairs can change color LED lights up the main hall walls a group of 3 stacked translucent shelves from the ceiling hanging down fitting room

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