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China Shanghai NOKIA flagship store lighting design

Located in Shanghai, Nanjing Road, No. 546 NOKIA flagship store in Shanghai is the only brand in the country's flagship store, but also the world's largest one, can accommodate up to 500 thousand consumers a day. As with all of NOKIA's flagship store in Shanghai, according to a unified standard and in the design concept, using the same architectural elements, such as the facade of a metallic NOKIA blue glass door, indoor ground and smallpox birch material, and create the overall atmosphere of the entire surface of the LED inner wall. Whether in the day or night, surrounded by numerous beautiful environment can not hide its unique and meaningful simple atmosphere. From the 3 storey exhibition hall and even bridges, staircases, platforms, atrium space is very comfortable, full of vitality and appeal, and the whole face of the LED curtain wall and the display of a deeper impression on the NOKIA brand visitors. The display area in the first layer and the two layer of the mobile phone, from the top of the lamp based lighting, display is rich texture in the warm color, lighting of interior design elements including the stairs are nuanced, made an interesting guide. Casually approached any product area, related series of products will immediately appear through the big screen on the wall for the customer, whether customers pick up products, the large screen on the wall will immediately appear specific information of this product, in the time of trial, the display will show that the response of the customer, every step of the operation. Customers can send text messages through the way of changing the color of the glass wall in store. The three layer is NOKIA's high-end brand VERTU, the outer atmosphere is still under the influence of LED hall wall full of technology and sense of the times; and the internal space is a luxury brand unique bright, warm, gorgeous and elegant temperament. The owners finally adopted more interior lighting in the use of techniques. Basic lighting design concept for the NOKIA brand and melt into the Nanjing road in the surrounding environment of the night scenery. Different from the surrounding buildings gorgeous and flashing lights, clean, overall, simple lighting, more in line with the brand and enhance the quality of NOKIA. In lighting design, in principle, the use of internal lighting to create the entire facade lighting, and the introduction of interactive experience. Outdoor flow is easy to detect changes in the inner light, attracting them to visit the experience. The design idea is based on the number of visitors and the position sensor, and the indoor wall colors together, which can reflect the people by its color in outdoor activities, from the interactive experience in the process of "people-oriented (Connecting People)" design concept. Business Hours, interior interior space through the counter statistics the number of feedback to the lighting control system, the number of people more and more need to cool indoor space atmosphere, and thus set the light to change more cool. After the end of the night business, the use of lighting means to extend the indoor outdoor. Scene settings select NOKIA's standard blue as the foundation of the scene. Outdoor people can interact with the interior lights through the detector. With the business of the indoor lighting interaction, with the increase in the number of people and the interaction of indoor lighting heating more trouble, the more light set to warm tone changes. The combination of the indoor scenes show all the lights, so that people can still see through the glass products in a certain degree after closing, but also attract not equaled the people will visit the store experience. Functional lighting exhibition design overlooking the first floor hall strict in demands lighting off looking at the high-end positioning atrium hall VERTU, changes of 3 different lighting modes indoor color show different expression

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