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China Shanghai Bobbi flagship store lighting design appreciation

Mattel hopes to have a shop where "Bobbi is our hero" by linking the history of the brand to fashion, using Bobbi as a global lifestyle brand. Bobbi Shanghai flagship store is the first full expression of this broad perspective. Located in Shanghai, 550, up and down a total of 6 layers, 3500m2. Designed and built by Slade Archi tecture, based in New York. The new facade shows Bobbi's sense of fashion and history. The facade is made up of two layers: the inner layer is translucent polycarbonate material, and the outer layer is a flat glass with a creative pattern. Through the two layers of the facade, the reflection and refraction of light can be seen in the store display. Night facade overflow pink light, attracting passers-by eyes. The first floor of the hall is a huge crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Then, the outer surface of the visitors will be the front curve graceful shining surrounded by, and is guided to a pink light lift, where they will be from the street to the main floor with a double height. The two floor is the Bobbi Spa Beauty Center, giving girls a relatively private and quiet space to decorate and rest. Bobbi Shanghai's three to five floors are the girls of the world, the design of the base camp, as well as the Bobbi fashion show, a good link by a rotating staircase. Around the stairs is a three - story Bobbi display cabinet, each of which has a pink dress in all of the manual, a total of 875, and a total of. The third floor of a variety of boutique boutique, white ground and wall, of course, Bobbi classic pink used in a long seat, etc.. The four floor is mainly pink. Listen to the area of the layout of a combination of cabinets and sofa tables and chairs, furniture and a huge special chandelier are white, and the formation of a visual contrast with pink, high low, comfortable leisure. The design of Bobbi's career wall is a good demonstration of the more than 100 different occupations that Bobbi has played, and the dream of a girl. The five floor of the pink house Bobbi simple flower pattern used in furniture, exquisite and elegant, this pattern is also used in both sides of the direct elevator wall. The top floor of the six floor is the theme of the restaurant. Color to black and white based, creating a noble and elegant atmosphere. Building facade light pink book spiral staircase connects three audition area to the five floor to the main floor of the pink light emitting layer elevator entrance hall elevator walls inlaid with white and PINK CHANDELIER special spot LED room fantastic finishes contrast

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