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Switch restaurant in Dubai, UAE

Switch restaurant is a famous American designer Karim Rashid (Karim Rashid) in the first interior design projects in Dubai, Karim Rashid has a strong personal style by organic and symmetrical shape, give a person with a sense of the future. The main idea of the restaurant is to create a place where dining is more than just a need and an experience. Designers are confident: "I want to create a strong, clean space, a magnificent place. I want it to be the most unique space in the Dubai mall, making it a landmark place, not only in Dubai, but also around the world". Literally, the restaurant's name Switch means change and deformation, from the design of the entire restaurant is indeed a kind of spirit. The main feature of the restaurant is the wavy wall without stop symmetric space under wraps, wavy wall looks very sexy, designer Rashid said: "this wall is inspired by the Arabia letter S, the key is the side of it. It's like the Greek symbol 'Sigma'". The designer is designed on the basis of a rectangular box shaped space. He divides all spaces into 3 parts - the dining area, the bar area, and the rest area. The dining area is set up along the long wavy wall, the recess behind the seat brings a sense of gathering to the diners, and implies the seamless connection between Dubai and the global culture. The wavy groove also provides an efficient dynamic operating system that can be connected to each other. This flexibility is very important for the unpredictable seating of the restaurant. Rest area of the seat also take into account the flexible settings. The furniture in the lounge area is made locally and on the table. The whole design create very interesting lighting effects is the punchline. The ceiling is decorated with a backlight light Arabia words, in addition, in order to create a unique sense of peace luster with a glass and chrome and other interesting, illuminated by the backlight color, let the whole space appear vibrant. All of the lighting effects are designed by the designer Ram Rashid personally, and the selection and testing of the lamp to carry out checks, by working closely with local technical staff to achieve. In addition to the shiny surface, through the use of shading pattern, the ceiling of the rich text, and embellishment and designer sofa seat vision. In order to foil the changing color of the wavy wall, more or less weakened the color of other places. In a day's time, the hotel gradually changed from pink to purple, then blue, green, yellow and red, in order to cope with it, furniture and Art Deco mainly purple and pink based. The ceiling of the text decoration is written in some proverbs designer's love, and with its design philosophy, including on the design and culture the new spirit of globalization, integration, about the world of pleasure, emotional, and create a better life for everyone. This is a place of technology and organic, a sexy little space that inspires people to eat more enjoyable. Each kind of experience is by the vision, the sense of smell, the taste and the hearing completes together, in here, each person's different sense can create the mountain unique dining experience. The main features of restaurant is wavy wall without stop, and the spatial distribution of completely symmetrical Rest Area wall bottom pattern unique decoration, and create a bar with backlighting light. The top of the Arabia text, a large number of materials such as glass and chrome with interesting backlighting, let whole space Ambilight

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