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Lighting design of Technical University of Berlin cafeteria

Baupiloten is the Berlin University of science and technology planning, construction and learning environment for students in communities, by independent designer Susan Hoffman (Susanne Hofmann AA Dipl.) leadership, Berlin University of science and technology in the main building renovation process, Baupiloten in the design of the new cafeteria. The cafeteria is connected to two patios built in nineteenth Century and provides them with new features. In this project, full of poetic lighting gives the restaurant a kind of elegant and emotional temperament. In order to build a restaurant, Baupiloten had to completely empty the two courtyards and rearrange the rooms. The food preparation room and the laundry room are relocated to the next room, so that the space between the rooms can be used as a restaurant. The food counter is directly connected to the kitchen and split the restaurant along the diagonal. The fixed seat along the diagonal restaurant will be divided into two parts, ivory ribbon tables and seats in a zigzag stance extends into the yard, the seat lies in the sunshine and the shadows of the mottled shadows. Free standing and seating areas complement each other, using the same material as the counter. Stainless steel devices, such as cabinets and cooling tanks, are integrated into the restaurant landscape design. There is a bench next to the counter to serve customers who need a refreshing drink. The inner layer of the ceiling is made up of 8 luminous teardrop shaped textile elements, providing the main lighting for two rooms and direct lighting of the table. The "water drop ceiling" breaks the dominance of the structural beam in the room, creating a seating area with a unified space for the food counter. The form of a drop of light comes from the gravity of the weight of the material, which is made up of a translucent, white, artificial turf. It is not only able to emit light but also to regulate the sound of the room. Season determines the color of the drops. The warmer the outdoor temperature, the cooler the light. Conversely, the cooler the outdoor temperature, the warmer the color of the light in the restaurant. In winter, it's warm red and orange, like a falling flame. In the summer, we can map out the fresh and cool blue green, creating the sky effect of the birth machine. In spring and autumn, all colors are mixed together. The light green in the back of the room is mixed with a light red in a complementary way, and it also presents a cool feeling in the summer. The brightness of the lamp is adjusted according to the time of the day: the light emitted from the bottom of the light drops directly onto the dining table and is controlled by the sun sensor. "Water drop ceiling" to create a variety of lighting, but also affect people's perception of the height of the room. When the weather is warm, all kinds of movable furniture will be moved into the light shining in the courtyard. These "seasonal alternating furniture" make the restaurant's interior seating area more open and cool. Spring / autumn indoor environment summer indoor environment winter indoor environment outdoor seating area dappled patio

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