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London wine flower restaurant lighting design appreciation

Mr Yau (Alan Yau) each restaurant launched will bring overseas dining experience for London, the "wine flower" (Sake No Hana) brought to Britain is Japan island. Kuma (Kengo Kuma) traditional Japanese interior design is to use local materials and cabinetwork in Japan, and then shipped to the decomposition of Smithson, in the FT building installation must be very careful. The building is a modern concrete building on the list of protected buildings in London, marking the reconstruction of London in 1950s. Lighting must also respect the interior of its historical style, so each component is customized to be able to hide under any type of surface structure. After the completion of the restaurant to get a luminous environment, but can not see the light come. The project occupies the three floor of the building. The new architectural style and the visual angle of the new challenge. The lighting design requirements of this space must be full of dramatic and vertical, with the ceiling as the focus, highlighting the details, texture and privacy. The main difficulty is to create a smooth flow from the inside out, but also to show the characteristics of each architectural details and furniture features. Need to take into account the details including: Japanese Pyramid "composed of bamboo and pine trees" structure, installed on the window translucent panel, steps, and furniture fabric on the tatami. Lighting is divided into two levels: the underlying linear lighting highlights the level of change and the seating area, smallpox and wall structure on the theater style lighting highlights the spatial contrast. The final effect is very shocking, people's sunlight can not help being attracted by the ceiling and facade texture. The design uses LED and halogen tungsten light source to ensure the balance of color in the space. Make full use of the control system to maximize the use of natural light during the day to reduce energy consumption. With the deepening of the night, the scene control system will adjust the intensity of indoor lighting. The main dining area outdoor entrance bar


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