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London Inamo restaurant interactive dining table lighting technology appreciation

The recent opening of the Inamo restaurant is located in the city of London's Soho center, it has brought a new concept for food and beverage industry: all the menus are projected on the table, the customer can through their own "hands-on" buffet meal, also can change the desktop theme pattern, but also play games, check local service information, even can book a taxi! Owners want the entire restaurant, including the underground bar space to have a clear and unified personality of the space, but not too fancy and do not require fancy technology. The restaurant's facade is made of all black wood material and still retains the structure of the old building. In order to control the indoor illumination level, the restaurant smooth glass window embedded with vinyl plastic pattern, star pattern and translucent, which is also designed by Blacksheep, to create a strong sense of decoration but also to have certain effect on filtering direct light up. The designer removed some of the original pillars of the entrance space and unnecessary structure, as far as possible to extend the space to facilitate the installation of "cocoon" like projection device above the table. In order to highlight the projection pattern for space as far as possible, the designer, the monochromatic simple, using only a simple auxiliary pattern with some space, design inspiration from these patterns and kaleidoscope of Asian traditional origami. Therefore, it can be seen that the walls of the restaurant is basically white, but the installation of a carved pattern embedded in the mirror, enlarge the volume of space, but also has a reflection of the role of light. The color of the seat is basically black and white, and the desktop is black when there is no projection. The projection device is arranged on the top of the desktop, and is divided into 3 groups of different sizes according to the size of the dining table, which corresponds to the table of 2 people, the table of the 4 and the table of the 6. When the customer seated, the desktop will appear in color, and the "electronic cloth" plate position with white logo. Customers through the touch panel above the table to eat, the desktop will show each dish and drinks pictures, prices and other information. In addition, there are 7 different theme patterns designed for customers to change. The customer controls a red pointer in the center of the screen by touching the sensing area of the desktop. When the meal is completed, the interactive interface will exit, replace the electronic tablecloth, the customer will be able to enjoy the meal. After dinner, if you need a taxi service or query local information, you can also call the interactive interface. The designer pointed out that in the interactive ordering system without time, the most difficult is to control the table height should not only accord with human body engineering, but also to ensure the projection set in accordance with the proportion and size accurately projected on the desktop. At the same time to control the entire level of illumination is also very subtle, avoid daytime and night lighting to form a larger contrast effect. The bars and restaurants on the ground have the same design elements, but they are different. Designers in the use of the more dark, warmer colors, there is no application of any high-tech means, the purpose is to create a private bar atmosphere. Mosaic pattern is still the dominant decorative elements of space, with a layer of restaurant echoes. However, the use of bronze mirror, the light after its reflection to make the pattern as if the self luminous. Ceiling chandelier is specially designed, can also be seen as a layer of space "cocoon" projection device echoes. All in all, the vivid projection can be coordinated with the interior design, which has left a deep impression on people. The projection device low-key restaurant Facade "cocoon" shaped mounted on the desktop just above the underground restaurant with a warm color to create a profile of different atmosphere restaurant

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