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China Shanghai Blue Club lighting design appreciation

Shanghai City Lan Club (LAN Club) to "light" to generate a transition element in the East and Western style elements, so as to form the shadow of the shadow of the design theme, the use of modern optical technology combining with China element image, add a layer, two layer, three layer and even light. Shanghai Blue Club lighting design plan to implement a large number of GOBO lamps (high efficiency spotlight). From the door through the design of the Chinese dragon pattern of the curtain into the room, is an empty two - storey high school dining bar. 12m long black copper bar is Chinese lanterns long square. The bar is surrounded by a red traditional Chinese ice lattice window corridor surrounded by the real window on the wall and the GOBO lamp cast by the ice lattice illusion overlap, the formation of multiple spatial feelings. Here how to balance the light environment in all areas, so that guests enjoy the pleasure of the shadow at any angle, without being plagued by the glare of the light source, has become a complex design and technical problems. Lighting designers by changing the lens depth and magnification, determine the light repeated calculation and test, angle and focal length accurately set, so that guests feel almost anywhere and enjoy the view, dreamy effect. The corridor behind the Chinese restaurant red Chinese cage hanging in Zhu Hong's wall, the use of GOBO lights in the cage behind the wall designer Zhu Hong created a dark light, a small two cage shadow; peony is magnified as Chinese decorative elements on the two floor of the room. The rhythm of the wall lamp will be bright; into the three storey porch, hanging in the side of the blue lanterns for the peacock cover it with a thin layer of blue in color; (niches) rooms area corridor, in addition to a narrow beam spotlights illuminate rooms Chinese population, assorted only on both sides of the window out of the light. More than and 100 square meters of art banquet hall display Chinese famous painter Liu Xiaodong 10m huge oil painting - "the Three Gorges immigrants". Lighting designers do not deliberately will wash paintings uniformly bright, but using two spotlights cast in a large area of the screen blank space, enhance the sense of space. At the same time, in order to protect the works of art and in line with the atmosphere of the restaurant, the painting is usually very dark lighting, only when the need to carefully appreciate the oil painting will be a short time to increase the intensity of illumination. GOBO light projected shadows with a stair wall painter painted line drawing together, create a stroll in the illusory mood. Climb the stairs, each floor entrance porch can be seen hanging a lamp and lanterns, different floors have different colors. In the 3 floor of the staircase leading to the 4 floor, a crystal lamp hanging from the ceiling of the four floor, making it from the Chinese space into the Western space of a visual prompt and buffer. Is the restaurant walls covered with colorful butterflies, spotlights will be low-key Baccarat black crystal lamp charm shines. Designers use GOBO light projection of the light of the butterfly, the butterfly's light and shadow to bring life to space. Chinese elements and Western expression is a concept of a contradictory, everything appears in the Shanghai orchid club is very mean harmony, then a layer of "shadow" such results can be attributed to the designer, and the designer of lighting all the details of the precise control. Baimiao dead version of the "cloud breaking flower Lane shadow" a Chinese bar of a Chinese restaurant, phantom and reality created in the light of bamboo cage is compared with the lighting designers and spotlights the rhythm of the walls will be lit two dark walls with GOBO lights silhouetted against each other projection light Butterfly

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