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Crystals shopping center, Las Vegas, USA

Daniel Libeskind architecture studio and Rockwell Group interior design firm co create the charming interior and interior of the Crystals mall. Focus Lighting has contributed to the visual complex, technologically advanced lighting design. Over the past 3 years, hundreds of manuscripts, 3 models, and a myriad of full-scale physical models have finally created a multi-level lighting design now seen at the heart of the city (CityCenter) Crystals mall. The light beam in the perplexing indoor wall, with a representative of the architectural features of the rotating electromotive force. The dramatic light is emitted from the metal halide lamp that is emitted from the trough, and each light source is equipped with a carefully tuned metal grille. The halogen spotlight is also installed in the ceiling line slot for the Rockwell central square in the interior of a variety of elements of the spotlight. About 1000 LED lights with the walls and ceiling of the groove, used for casting on the ceiling and through the rich colors to reflect the sun changes. The design of such slots to conceal the devices on the ceiling proved to be the greatest challenge of the project. Focus Lighting works closely with the entire design team to help create seamless access. The rest of the space is illuminated by a large staircase that is illuminated from behind and a spectacular'S terrace on the tree house on the Mastro Ocean Club. Use white LED from behind to illuminate the pink agate stairs to achieve the purpose of energy efficiency and minimal maintenance. The resin frame of the elaborate tree house is illuminated by the LED lamp belt from behind to make it into the building and reduce the maintenance workload. The lamps in the interior of the structure and the lamps installed on the main ceiling respectively protrude from the inside and the upper part of the unique tree house. Through the Las Vegas Avenue, this shopping center is like a bright precious gem, it is easy to be recognized. The facades and roofs of the Crystals are made of a unique, brushed metal, and when you pass through the building, the facade and roof reflect light into a wavy shape. Key lighting lamps installed in the surrounding building landscape in the picture on the opposite side, with two levels of light from the bottom and upper part. Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne, Claes Oldenburg & Coosje Bruggen and Henry Moore sculptures are illuminated, as well as sidewalks, bridges, lanes and the walls of the heart of the city through the pier wall. The LED railings and carefully arranged metal halide lamps illuminate these unique and exquisite works of art and beautify the exciting landscape. Roof light reflected into wavy Wailimian night heart of the city entrance exquisite works of art to beautify the city landscape lighting landscape heart light perplexing rich color tone illuminated from behind the pink agate staircase day pink agate staircase striking tree house

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