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Bellavita Gourmet

Bellavita Gourmet is the first to Taiwan delicacy square open space design, but create both elegant and gorgeous and artistic atmosphere of the place, to escape the past noisy street department delicacy impression, a collection of all kinds of food ingredients and the owners carefully snare, Bellavita should not only meet the taste, more to this diet the beauty of ascension to the higher cultural level, therefore, the interior space from day to night of the overall atmosphere of the extra attention. "Light" from the beginning of the design will be positioned as a must have flexibility as key elements, the main transformation space atmosphere; through the color temperature and color change, the same space shows different texture, color temperature and high daytime outdoor natural light echoes, give people toward the gas glow impression at night in order to show low color temperature warm, warm, like one family reunion scene table, night time lowered the overall brightness space and pull dark contrast to create dramatic Daming, such as Lounge, Bar of the scene. In addition to the color and temperature by using the performance of light lumens of smallpox, provides environmental basis for the cabinet lighting, different design requirements of lighting, there are many details that must be treated accurately, including choosing the width of light source, to control different brightness and radiation range, and a variety of indoor lighting effects on material testing, review and detail the installation of lamps, are in the process of the design of repeated ink subject. The decorative lighting in this case more played a key role, not only successfully highlights the space design precision, also softens the geometric lines formed a variety of indoor materials, designed to achieve high quality diet space shape. The lamp special become a visual window restaurant different space requirements, must be accurate in processing lighting details

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