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China appreciation Kaohsiung Dali Museum lighting technology

The emergence of Dali Museum let the modern city of Kaohsiung high-speed development more of a new landmark dazzling, whether indoors or outdoors, the upscale shopping centers are vibrant, exudes a paradise bright atmosphere. An open atrium to the design, not only can be transmitted to the natural light on the floor, but also to establish a visual link between the layers. For facade lighting, the team hopes to create a rich texture of the skin and constantly changing facade effect. During the day, through the interaction of natural light and the environment, and the main facade with different geometric patterns from the perspective of the evening, 3D stereo effect with countless changes; showing through the integration of the glass The brightness dazzles the eyes. wing in lighting. In order to ensure the integrity of the glass during the day, the lighting must be hidden in the invisible. Finally decided to design a kind of edge lighting device will be fully integrated into the lighting equipment, and other elements of the seamless integration. The dimensions of the facade, the glass, and the lighting device are controlled by the UNStudio facade geometry model. In this way, various designs and patterns can be quickly exported from the model and used in manufacturing. Electronic documents are sent to the manufacturer and are directly fed into their machines to make equipment. As for the control system, it is designed and provided by architects and lighting designers. Energy conservation is clearly the primary condition. The project team determines the combined use of the two lens, a cover on top of LED, another light evenly on the glass wing scattering, create per square metre glass monochrome 10W energy: a bright, complete and sustainable solutions was born. In the design of LED lighting arrangement, to be planning for the main structure of the different arc tangent length, the size of LED lamps used up to about 200, means that the relationship between the control system and the lamp is very complex, therefore, the non matrix layout rarely used in the control system. In addition, for the sake of the overall appearance of the structure, all LED lighting installation and power supply, signal lines are hidden design, building construction progress will need to cooperate with the LED unit in main building of steel structure, high construction difficulty. Lightlife company is responsible for the programming of the control system, the successful development of E: cue program. UNStudio designed the plot for different lighting scenes, from the "house of the future" to Valentine's day, Spring Festival and other festivals designed special graphics. Finally, the project uses a total of 2500 sets of LED lighting equipment, and the use of high-power RGB tricolor LED reached 12000. The glass wing night full of music elevation elevation outdoor pick empty areas in the interior feeling elevator three layer planar graph profile LED atrium equipment body installed in the vertical flange end close to the facade shop horizontal and vertical edge plate glass wing plate pick empty district by detail the elevator

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