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Appreciation Chinese Beijing Raffles City Lighting Technology

Beijing Raffles Plaza is located in the southwest corner of Dongzhimen bridge, consisting of 3 buildings, including apartments, office buildings and commercial. The most unique feature of the building is its facade. There are two colors, black and white. Lighting designer's intention is to use the light to show the two colors in the evening can be, and do not want to bring subversive lighting effects of the building. They hope that the light, like the black and white on the window, will be presented at will, and not to make the law. The biggest challenge of the project is that all windows are irregular size. The lamp is installed between the two layers of glass building, in order to do not affect the normal work day after the tenant, the design of the lamps are installed in the window wall area, only the foundation of the exception. The installation of lamps is also facing great challenges. Because the double window is prefabricated in the glass curtain wall factory, to the scene just put it on a good, so, the lamps in the curtain wall factory installed in the window ahead of time. Each lamp has an address point, each window of each lamp needs to be controlled separately, and there are different sizes of lamps in the window, that is, each window has several address points. There are more than and 300 windows in total. These address points to be installed in each glass windows, and the corresponding computer records, can be debugged. The original design is to bring some stone color, and the color, white. However, in the customer that since the use of LED products, you should use color. Full color LED after the installation of lighting designer for the design and debugging of the whole building scene only 7, the intention is that live in such a noisy world, can use their own unique scene, to show the characteristics of their own. Finally, the owners require engineering out more than and 200 scenes, so far no one can remember the characteristics of Raffles, just remember a lot of color. Finally, in addition to the increase in the number of windows between the walls of the window, at the same time, the top of the 3 buildings have been done on the lighting, the integrity of the night scene played a role. Ideas and goals of interior design is to create a bright, clean, young fashion, elegant shopping environment, as a veteran of the business that dim or full of warm shopping center is not here to consider the sentiment. In the Raffles business, is the lighting lamp with the main way, therefore, homogeneity of the light band. Contrary to the designer's surprise challenge is that the construction side of the lamp with only the size of the installation of 150mm high, only half of the design requirements. This means that all the lamps like ribs exposed from behind the membrane. In the case of no one, through a number of site test, the designer to find a similar to the facade of the pattern, forming the final effect. Raffles bright and clean indoor environment and the selection of light source has a great relationship. The designer chose a 54 W Osram fluorescent lamp because it's 4000K color temperature is more suitable for commercial lighting. North facade effect podium atrium to detail linear lighting elements on the oriented and clear throughout the interior space designers want to create a uniform light effect, but the electromechanical reserved installation space is limited, only revealing "ribs" like a lamp, but after careful testing, found a facade and feeling a similar pattern


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