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K:fem department store in Stockholm, Sweden lighting design appreciation

The world famous Swedish town by V llingby opened in 1954, the last century project in 50s to take care of every detail. In 50, it needs fresh blood. The old buildings were rebuilt and new buildings were added, both commercial and residential buildings. K:fem department store is one of them. The design concept is a two - story fashion center with an atrium in the middle, surrounded by open shops. It is hoped that this building has become a symbol of modern V by llingby. The red exterior of the building is like a proud man with a precious object or a beautiful young woman in a red silk dress with a white lace skirt. Now the red and white facade Tussaud is used in city buildings, shopping bags, banners and etc.. The architect wanted to achieve the concept of a shimmering mirage, so he found the lighting design company Ljusarkitektur, and from the beginning to the end of the project are closely. External lighting includes two aspects, the facade and the ceiling. The outer surface of the milky white glass on the white point from the bottom to gradually weaken, making the red background is more and more obvious. Adjustable light T5 fluorescent tube is installed in the front of the two layers of the outer side of the middle, so that the translucent glass seems to become a veil around the building. Facade lighting will become more intense at night, and will gradually weaken during the day and at night. The logo is also integrated into the expressive roof design. The design wants to use neon lights, like the architectural symbols of the 50s of the last century. The trademark creates a strong visual effect on the facade. These signs are reflected in the glass and the outline of the facade is melted. Interior lighting design includes the main body area (hall entrance, atrium and corridor), lighting designers hope that the main area as simple as possible. There are no visible lights or devices in the main area, in order to create a simple functional internal environment as a neutral background for the shop and the store. In the lighting of the main area, the 4200K 70W metal halide lamp is installed on the eyelet. The function of the net is to hide the light and transmit light. Because the lamp is installed on a certain distance from the network, 50% of the light is reflected back into the space to form indirect lighting. White light shows a white interior and creates a delicate tension in the warm light of the shop and the sunlight in the atrium. The mesh at the entrance of the hall is relatively large, in order to form a higher brightness, with 150W halide light through these holes emit a direct light. In this application the spotlight cannot form indirect lighting, therefore also adopts uplights. If there is no uplights, the ceiling will be dark. White fluorescent lamp uplights and grid above the formation of a bright environment will fill the space. The lamps are installed directly on the ceiling to reduce the installation system and ensure the ceiling is as smooth as possible. The lighting design of atrium aims to balance the natural light and artificial light. The design of a sun shade fabric is a canvas, used to block direct sunlight in summer and a small amount of sunlight in winter. In addition, the narrow beam spotlight is installed above the sun shading cloth to ensure the overall illumination of the lower space. The designer tested the sun shade of different materials. At the same time, raw materials should also be translucent, because it should block the sun while the formation of a projection plane. Atrium ceiling atrium night gleaming red building Wailimian atrium of the main area hall entrance stairs

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