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Singapore ION Orchard shopping center lighting design appreciation

As Singapore's largest shopping center, ION Orchard, all the streams of people busily coming and going brilliantly illuminated. This shopping center is located in Orchard Road and Scotts road at the junction of the intersection, the design theme is highlighted here in size and vitality. The whole building seems to be a huge LED canvas, LED device is installed in a smooth glass curtain wall, scattered throughout the ceiling. In addition, the building itself as a carrier, slowly changing the soft natural scenery and multimedia works of art. Designers hope to show people from all over the world, through the careful commercial lighting design, the vitality of the new landmark building in singapore. ION Orchard shopping center is a multi-functional commercial building. Benoy Architects wants to put it as a full of oasis landscape, and building a new glass structure emerged innumerable twists and turns, as if a new organic life form. Although the commercial lighting industry increasingly fierce competition, also produced a lot of excessive lighting design, commercial lighting design Lighting Planners Associates but still hope to be able to achieve a delicate and full of texture. In the face of such a large and dazzling commercial projects, the designer will focus on its facade lighting design. Through the installation of LED equipment on the huge glass facade, the extraordinary lighting effect is obtained, and the facade becomes a communication tool. Although less than a year after the opening, ION Orchard shopping center has become a famous landscape, whether tourists or locals like to take pictures here. As Christmas draws near, the LED lighting of the shopping center will also be part of the city landscape, creating a festive atmosphere. In front of the main entrance of the shopping center, is a glass structure of the shopping malls and subway exports. There is no doubt that this will not only attract shoppers, commuters and tourists, but also will become a place of appointment. The curved glass facade reflects the light from all directions, making the actual lighting more effective. On the main facade of the shopping center, a LED device is installed on the horizontal louvers at 150mm intervals. LED lamps for outdoor, people can not see the light from the store. The lighting designer has successfully implemented a LED screen for outdoor vision while ensuring indoor vision. In the shopping center, designers boldly used a space of up to 4 layers of space, the establishment of a sense of rhythm of the light, very compelling. 8 525W lighting devices mounted on the top of the two huge tree supports cast a variety of patterns. The glass cover also reflects the light coming from the ceiling, changing the light and shadow to form a slightly mysterious shape. ION Orchard shopping center glass structure of shopping malls and subway exit installed on the tree supports and the ceiling lighting equipment installed on the windows LED impact on indoor lighting will not LED screen up the blank space 4 layer installed in each layer of the edge of the fluorescent lamp highlights the whole structure the organic and full of all kinds of dynamic lighting design fluorescent ceiling dynamic to the people walking in on the channel brings relaxed feeling

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