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New York Davis & Warshow flagship hall lighting design

Davis & Warshow is the leading distributor of kitchen and bathroom products in the United States, and they hope to build a more modern and impressive image by transforming their flagship showrooms. EFM Design established the indoor style tone for this is located in the exhibition hall on the east side of the building, the FocusLighting dynamic effect by adding at the entrance of the hall every piece of merchandise to focus on lighting and further highlights this style. As one of New York's 8 exhibition halls, the exhibition hall is the display of Davis & Warshow brand image of the important station of its emphasis on the product smooth and modern design style, but also shows the extraordinary charm of Davis & Warshow always stand in the forefront of fashion. As soon as they get out of the elevator, people will be attracted by the lighting design of the hall where the population is full of mystery. The application of this design is the edge of the light-emitting technology, the use of indirect discoloration LED. At the entrance of the soft blue light to highlight the focus of the end of the corridor: Davis &Warshow brand logo, the use of water features will illuminate the image from behind. This unique blue LCD screen also shows the Davis & Warshow and its products are constantly innovative style of fashion. Continue to go inside, you will see the display of a variety of organic elements of the image of the backlight panels scattered throughout the exhibition hall. The light on the wall and on the shelves filled with water equipment focused on lighting. In order to show the overall effect of the installation of Davis & Warshow products after the completion of the exhibition, the bathroom is also set up in the showroom. Focus on the mirror, bathtub, sink and other accessories to highlight the product's modern style and flawless appearance. Light environment clean and fresh color is very suitable for bathroom products display backlight version placed in the hall throughout the exhibition dispersed indirect color LED create entrance full of mystery uniform and focused

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