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The Swiss IWC Schaffhausen museum lighting design appreciation

IWC (IWC International, Watch Company) in Schaffhausen where it has been nearly 140 years of production history of outstanding watch. The factory, which was designed in 1874, was incorporated into a museum in 2007. The museum's lighting concept was created by Reflexion AG's Zurich Office (Thomas Mika) to show the same level of accuracy as the brand's. The exterior of a building is characterized by its precision, framed and symmetrical industrial buildings with large windows. Lighting designer Thomas Mika made from fluorescent lamp light from the lamp after the overflow groove and the entrance region of the furniture, the scene clearly points out the indoor hidden but beautiful spot. He also uses the backlight to illuminate the white walls to emphasize the precision and high quality space. There are only a few of the items that can be displayed in the long history of the company. The two room adjacent to the entrance are the reception room and watch workshop, designed to showcase and special lighting to attract the attention of visitors. There are two waiting areas on one side of the display space, allowing visitors to take a break after the visit. All of these are used to illuminate the light or wall lamp installed in the ceiling. The lighting atmosphere of these places is obviously different from the main exhibition space. The theme of the show began in the West wing. The windows of the building provide a luminous background for the transparent showcase. Rows of continuous indirect lighting devices will also be added to the sun, they are adjustable light, according to the intensity of the sun to adjust the adjustment. The LED bar lamp enhanced the glare of the watch from above. Central showcase special exhibition has a dynamic picture of the history of IWC, but also for the best display lighting and the use of high-power LED lamps. The technical characteristics of cool color temperature and strong display. The overall presentation reflects the following lighting concept: a strong light illuminates the periphery of the frame or vision to attract the attention of the visitors and lead it to a slightly darker place. Along with the wall clock display, visitors will be able to better understand the relationship between the history of IWC over the years and the products they design and produce. A highly polished steel frame reflects the light of other showcase and creates a stable and noble atmosphere in the interior. The lighting designer has chosen the superior temperature light source, rather than the metal halide lamp or the spot light source to create the elegant feeling for the space. Central showcase brings together the watchmaker's craft masterpiece. The showcase made of polished metal is a clear indication of the value of its exhibits, and the valuable ones are shown through interactive screens. When the screen is triggered, they will be illuminated in the showcase of high-power LED. East Wing environment is the conventional brightness. Divers (Divers) and pilots (Pilots) series watch combines picture display. Behind the wall showcase has a high gray glass. Floating effect of watches in the background light very pleasing to the eye, and it is easy to watch. Above the installation of the metal halide light on them there are additional light, in the waiting room also has a strong wall lamp to emphasize. Although there are more or less cool material and light in the display cabinet, the exhibits still have a strong appeal. Lamps are hidden to avoid disturbing the line of sight, which is also conducive to a relaxed atmosphere. The content of the IWC architecture is completely out of line with the usual expectations of the historical museum. Designers will be lighting design programs to modern design and planning. For the limitation of the heat, the white light and the light source are abandoned, and all other light sources are installed in the area where UV damage is required. Display cabinet schematic lighting, using linear fluorescent lamp backlight and mounted on a linear LED key above the light crystal lighting exhibition. The main lamps is not let people pay attention to the installation of light source emphasized highly accurate lighting concept central lounge central spiral ladder forging paired linear fluorescent lights showcase above the ceilings

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