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Lighting design art appreciation of Copenhagen Royal Theatre

The Theatre Royal Copenhagen consists of 3 main elements: the space structure of the metallic glass hall is an area of 150m x 8m, the top is a glass and metal structure of the office space as well as the actors of the preparation zone. At the higher end of the central area is a tan cube, the stage of the theatre. The promenade includes two bridges and a central main promenade. Walk on the edge of the road has a 30cm high project fence, play a protective role but also beautify the landscape. Lighting designer selected two columns of linear fluorescent lamps installed on the ground. The fluorescent lamp is adjusted according to the skylight. The wooden promenade mounted beneath uplights to indicate the direction of the road, part of the light is reflected in a structure in the water, the water also has a layer of soft light. In order to emphasize that the walkway area is safe to walk and to reassure the audience or visitors, the designer has decided to install 5 spotlights on the front of the theater. The roof structure is the second key areas of the building. Halogen light is used to illuminate the metal structure in an irregular combination (2 L - 9 L). The lower grille steel structure is illuminated from above and the grid structure above is illuminated by the light source below. In order to ensure that the vertical glass curtain wall will not appear "black mirror effect in the night (in the night light glass curtain wall interior designer, reflection) installed in the ceiling lamp structure and metal beam, make the light shine directly to the glass curtain wall and not diffused to the glass curtain wall. 30 degrees of incidence angle illuminate the ground, if the audience for the glass curtain wall, the light is only limited to the back of the space, to avoid the irregular light reflected in the glass window. A lighting device composed of 438 copper fiber of lengths of hanging in the hall, as if the stars flash light and small. All optical fiber devices used 55 sets of 250W gold halide light source. Different from the light, the light emitted by the optical fiber will be reflected in the glass curtain wall, so that when the audience looked out of the window, not only to see the Harbor night, but also to see the beautiful sky. The flexibility of optical fiber lighting is also a big advantage, replace the light source at the end of the light will be able to create different atmosphere according to different needs. The gray steel grille is the visual focus of the actors' preparation area and the rest area, the outer walls are made of glass, so natural light can penetrate. In the area of the ceiling structure has a rectangular glass window, the designer painted them orange and yellow. Warm colored light of the golden halide light steel structure. The main theater space is located just below the copper cube, with 650 seats in the theater. Kolumba low voltage halogen brick uplights designers use alone dimming will form a wall from the bottom light washing. With the hall, the designers of the distance control between each light uplights are not the same, can subtly increase brick surface texture effect, shadow effect creates a magical and unique atmosphere. The step under the seat and the edge part of the ceiling are also used for the optical fiber illumination. GOBO spotlights are installed in the central area of the ceiling to create a diffuse effect. The ground floor of the main theatre is a very high - quality black wood floor, and the optical fiber device is installed along the edge of the step to guide the direction of the audience. Designers indirectly illuminate the ceiling, only when the audience to see the optical fiber and light spots can be seen when the height of space. The color of the whole space is mainly red, black and white. Night theatre. The two set of bars that are lit by a linear fluorescent lamp allow visitors to clearly identify the direction of the trails. LED spotlights installed below the bridge to illuminate the water. The spotlights mounted on the metal beams appear as the luster of the gem. Actor preparation area including dressing room, reading room and rehearsal hall. During the day the natural light can illuminate this part of the area, the ceiling of the colored glass skylight for space fun. The two column fluorescent lamps to light the wooden promenade adds fun. In the hall, the audience can feel the sunlight, the sky, the forest and the artificial nature of the vine. The light spot with the light screen is projected on the ground. The lamp is carefully installed, to ensure that no extra light from the glass screen on the street, so as to reduce the "black mirror effect". A lighting device composed of copper fiber 438 of lengths of hanging in the hall, and look like tiny light twinkling stars in the sky. Circulation area because of the use of a large number of natural light and greatly reduce the energy consumption. The main theatre is located in the city atmosphere brightness in a relatively low position Copenhagen royal theater building by comparing the projection light rich in hand baked bricks on the wall appears to be out of the ordinary. When the curtain falls, a visual feast in the theatre staged. Halogen tungsten lamp will be composed of the surface of the manual Kolumba brick from the top to wash, further strengthen the sense of cave. Box by optical fiber. Irregular array of spotlights cast a vivid light in the red seat area. The edge of the step is also used in the optical fiber technology.

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